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Cruise Ship Bootcamp

$145.00 ($145.00 minimum deposit)
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The clouds will pass. ** The ships will sail again. ** Be ready for the opportunity!

When: Saturday & Sunday, July 25-26, Noon - 3:00 pm PACIFIC

With Jeff McBride & Greg Gleason


 Getting booked on a cruise is NOT a gig; it is a full-time career. Many performers make most of their income from Cruise Ship Contracts. Now you can learn the insider secrets from career professionals Jeff McBride and Greg Gleason.

Greg did it all on a ship’s stage: Stage Illusion, Close-Up Theater and also a Full Mentalism Show.

Jeff has spent twenty years as the Holiday Highlight entertainer for the Cruise Industry, doing over a thousand shows.



* You will learn the “best practices” of cruise ship shows and life; learn the etiquette and protocols of why “You are Always On.”

* You will get the secrets of what material works for cruise ship audiences, and why.

* You will master the art and business of back-of-the-room sales.

* You will learn how to create your very own stage-worthy stage act complete with an attention-grabbing opening, a lyrical middle, and a knockout grand finale.

* You will leave with a “Show Roadmap,” in which you and the facilitators will help design your ideal “dream” show, as well as actionable steps you can take to make the show happen.

* You will learn what kind of press kit and video materials you need to land a contract.

* You will be provided with inside information and a list of contacts, agencies, and bookers.

* EXCLUSIVE study materials available only to our Online Students include video files, scripts, and resources you will use for many years to come.


BEST PRACTICES-  Learn life skills that will help you “do it the right way” every time. 

We empower you to develop good habits and supercharge your magic with professional drills, practice tips & rehearsal techniques.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or you are just thinking of putting your first show together, this is a unique opportunity to sculpt or tune-up your show with some of the finest teachers in our craft.

This is a "hands-on skill-building workshop" with Jeff & Greg’s personal, one-on-one attention to YOUR needs, so size is limited.  

Register soon to ensure your space.