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Focus on Street Magic

$395.00 ($200.00 minimum deposit)
Registration Not Open

This special 3-day class (noon to 5pm each day), Jeff will share his insights and special magic effects the are best suited for today's "STREET MAGIC" venues. Both real "STREET PERFORMANCE" and "STREET MAGIC FOR TELEVISION" will be covered.

Three days of learning and fun with street magic - including performing before real "street" audiences in various locales around Las Vegas.

New for this class only

Last year’s event was a blast!  This year, all students will receive passes to THE AGE OF CHIVALRY Rennaisance Faire.  We will be hosted by the Greenwood Revelers,  who have a great castle and performance stage for us to weave our magic into the fabric of this fun event!  Students will meet some of the top street magicians on the circuit, attend special lectures on Street Magic, and even get a chance to perform close-up, or on the platform stage… and get feedback, too!  The evenings will have the option of students either performing street magic on Las Vegas Boulevard, or the many high-tech nightclubs that Las Vegas nightlife has to offer.



Ancient & Modern Mysteries in the Marketplace

Street Magic is one of the most rapidly growing forms of magic in the world today. It is also one of the oldest. Jeff McBride invites you on an extraordinary weekend with street magic, past present and future.

Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced students in the art of magic
Hobbyists, Enthusiasts, and Magic Lovers
Professional street entertainers,
Writes, film-makers, collectors, historians
Anyone who loves street magic

Please read over the exciting schedule below, and see yourself participating with many of the nation's top street performers, on the streets of Las Vegas, and at the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival. In these three days and four nights, you will have a wide array of magical experiences awaiting you. Jeff has made special arrangements for all of us to attend the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival and to be part of the festivities. Jeff will also teach you many of his favorite street magic routines. Students will also get to perform in Ultra Modern Las Vegas Street Magic locations. Jeff McBride studied street magic with master of the art, Jeff Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan literally wrote the book on street magic, and taught many of his skills to Jeff McBride. Now you will have an opportunity to have these inner secrets of the street performers available to you.

Special guest street performers will join us for lectures and workshops, to teach us the tricks of their trades!
Events will include workshops, shows, lectures and small group sessions.

Special evening events include a welcome to Las Vegas party at Jeff McBride's House of Mystery, and an optional Drum & Fire Magic Circle on one of the evenings at the Renaissance Faire.


Day One

10:00 Doors Open at THE MCBRIDE HOUSE OF MYSTERY with Jeff McBride, Master Diaz and Mario Morris

Registration, SHOWTIME (You may bring one guest for the show, but they will have to leave before the class starts)

10:30 - 1:00 Lectures, Workshops, Small Group Sessions.
1:00 - 2:00 Lunch
2:30 - 5:00 Special Guest Lecture
5:30 - 7:00 Dinner on your own
7:00 - ?? Las Vegas Nightclub and street magic in action on the Las Vegas Strip with Master Diaz

Day Two

9:00 - 12 noon Enjoy Las Vegas
1:00 Meet at the Castle for a fun day of Renn Faire street magic!
2:00 - 5:00 Live performances and variety theater presentations with Jeff McBride and Mario Morris
6:00 - 7:00 Dinner on your own or with friends
Optional Evening ProgramS. Join us for the following events, 
or enjoy the nightlife of Las Vegas!
8:00 Strolling magic at the Ren Faire, or Drum Circle Preparation

9:00 - ?? Magic Fire and Drum Circle Celebration!!

Day Three

10:00 Meet at Ren Faire(optional)

11:00 BUSKING! Street magic and Strolling: hands on with Special guest Mario Morris
2:00 Performances/ strolling /street magic on your own
4:30 Photo opportunities with your friends
5:00 Departure & Safe Travels

At the end of this class, many of the performers will go downtown to Fremont Street to check out some of the live stage acts, or hey, even busk a bit!