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Learn “ The McBride Core Act Method” for Creating Your Dream Show

4  Fun and Informative Skill Building Classes with Jeff McBride

Join any ONE class or take the ALL!

Each class is 90 minutes with an optional 30 minutes to answer your questions

(Saturdays/ 11am - 1pm)

Note: You also have the option of using the listings below to sign up for any of these classes individually.

Everyone admires a skillful magician. If you love elegant sleight of hand and stand up magic this class is for you!

If you are a full-time pro or a beginner in the art, you will take away many new ideas, tricks and techniques, and wealth to practical information to enhance your magic. The focus of this series of classes is to build your skills and understanding of Stand-up, Parlor, and Stage Magic.

Spend a day with Jeff McBride as your personal instructor in a safe and friendly learning environment live online! Jeff is a master teacher of magic.  Jeff has over 50 years of performing and teaching experience. Now he is YOUR guide to mastering the art of magic. Jeff has trained full-time pro’s, award winners, Las Vegas headliners like Mat Franco, and some folks who just want to show off for their friends and family!

At the completion of each workshop, you will have the tools for creating your very own “Core Act”,  composed of the following essential elements.

Learn Jeff McBride’s “CORE ACT METHOD”(tm) of building your dream show.

 A “Core act” is a proven formula that many great magicians have utilized to create their unique show. Now Jeff teaches you the essentials so you can do it too! You will need to learn how to perform the following:

  • AN EYE-POPPING OPENING -- How to grab attention and sustain it.
  • SHOW-STOPPING MIDDLE ROUTINES -- Sharing your personal message with your magic
  • A STANDING OVATION GRAND FINALE! -- Leave your audience breathless and wanting more!

Jeff McBride’s unique blend of showmanship and magic has been seen at many of the world's largest theaters, including Radio City Music Hall and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Now, Jeff offers a brand new series of four 3-hour classes.  After each class, Jeff will stay online for an extra hour with you to discuss your questions and personal needs.

We will work together in a safe and supportive online classroom. You will have personal interaction and question time with Jeff built into the program.

McBride’s Magic & Mystery School has revolutionized the way students learn online through a combination of live-time interactive training, plus a follow-up bundle that includes reference materials, PDFs, important resources, and a complete video recording of your time with Jeff.

Note: All of Jeff’s classes have a WATCH ON DEMAND feature, So if for any reason you can’t attend the class live, you will still get all the videos and follow up training materials, but you need to register now.

You can sign up for individual classes, or enjoy the entire series.

Each separate class is complete unto itself. Take the ones that call to you.

THE PATH TO MASTERY SERIES is only offered live once a year! Register now for all four classes using the button below, or for any single class using the individual class listings just below this announcement!