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The Las Vegas Séance Summit: THREE Days of Bizarre Magick and Séance

$695.00 ($300.00 minimum deposit)
Registration Not Open

Join Jeff McBride and Dr. Larry Hass and our special guests for these two days of lectures, workshops, and shows on the "dark arts" of Séance and Bizarre Magick. 

Jeff, a collector and student of ritual theater magic, will share magic pieces he has gathered from his world travels. Larry made many séance shows and lectures with Eugene Burger--including his final ones--and will share all the secrets he learned about making this kind of performance theater.  Jeff and Larry will be joined by our Master of Mentalism Ross Johnson, who has performed Séance and knew Tony Andruzzi, and by Séance expert Terry Tyson. Terry’s writings on Séance appeared in the entire run of the now legendary Séance magazine, has presented séance and taught séance skills in the US and UK.
Tentative Schedule Projection (may change slightly):
Day 1:  Monday, November 8, 2020
6:00pm:  Arrival and Registration
6:30:  Opening Bizarre Magick Show
7:00:  Opening Circle
8:00:  What Are these Bizarre Arts?
9:00:  Class Concludes and After-Party
Day 2:  Tuesday, November 9, 2020
10:00am:  Getting Started
10:30:  Keynote #1:  Dr. Larry Hass
11:30:  Hands-On Skill Building and Small Group Teaching #1
12:15:  Lunch Break (go as a group)
1:45:   Wild Magick
2:15:  Keynote #2:  Terry Tyson
3:15:  Hands-On Skill Building and Small Group Teaching #2
4:00:  Workshop on Character and Presentation
5:00:  Class Concludes
5:00-7:00:  Dinner with your new friends
7:00:  Showtime!! Time to see a Las Vegas show... Enjoy your night on the town!
Day 3:  Wednesday, November 10, 2020  
9:00am:  Arrival and Library Time
9:30:  The Bizarre Magick Experience
10:30:  An Interview with Ross Johnson   
11:15:  Hands-On Skill Building and Small Group Teaching #3
12:00:  Lunch (on your own)
1:15:  Keynote #3:  Jeff McBride
2:30:  Break, Photo, Magic Shop
3:00:  Pulling Things Together
4:00:  Class Concludes
As you can see, each day will feature performances, keynote presentations from the teachers, and Seance/Bizarre Magick trick teaching, for close-up and stand-up. By the time the class is complete, you will leave exceptional knowledge from performers who have done this kind of magic in the real world, a complete list of resources for your further and advanced studies, and a number of routines that you will be able to perform.
This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the strangest magic on earth! This is the first, and perhaps only, time this special class will offered.