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Book Yourself Solid: How to Fill Your Calendar

$395.00 ($220.00 minimum deposit)


Paul Draper will be taking a deep dive into the inner workings of being a professional entertainer booking shows all over the world.

This is the first time Paul Draper has shared a full course on the secrets behind how he keeps such a busy schedule as a full-time working professional entertainer. If you are a regular student at the Mystery School, you have seen Paul talk about the business of magic in short 20-45 minutes slots as a guest in other classes. In this 8+ hour interactive workshop, you will learn Paul's full system. This will be a tell-all full-exposure learning experience. Some focus in each session will be dedicated to allowing attendees time to customize the experience and drive the content in the direction of their passions. Nothing will be held back.

Taught Online through ZOOM on three Thursdays: February 2, February 9, and February 16 at 6:00 p.m., pacific time (9:00 p.m.. eastern).  Each session is TWO HOURS.



Some of the pros who have used Paul Draper’s methods have this to say:

“Paul showed me the path to success, and I’ve been thankful - and fully booked - ever since.  This is a fabulous opportunity to take your magic business to the next level and learn the secrets of how to work non-stop from a real pro.” 

-Michael Gutenplan (

‚Äč"I had my best year ever in booking events, and it is because I did what I learned from Paul Draper."

-Greg Dwyer (

“Paul Draper has business experience across the country and across oceans. His depth of business knowledge is shared openly, and immediately applicable. Paul Draper can teach this course because he is booked solid, and he wants you to be too!”

-Benjamin Corey Feinblum, (

"Paul Draper can identify when and where magic is needed. He knows who to talk to and how to get the show booked! His experience is incredibly valuable. He helped me focus when I was just getting started.

-Jason Andrews, Crazy Horse Paris

“When I needed to find new and better markets to sell my unique blend of presentations I turned to Paul Draper. He helped me see exciting ways to connect my performances to the needs of high paying customers.”

-Cat LaCohie (


You can read Paul Draper’s full bio and cover articles from magic industry magazines here:


Learn the lessons that Paul Draper has learned along the way. His strategy for success requires dedication but you can be certain that his path is replicable, and it will work for you!

As with all our online courses, need-based stipends are available. To see if you qualify and to fill out your application, go here.