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646: Open House "Magic & Meaning PEP Talks" with Jeff McBride & Larry Hass

641: Open House "Sin City Seance & Sorcery" with Jeff McBride

637:OPEN HOUSE "Back to School" with Mystery School Faculty
633: Open House- Larry Hass "The Lost Workshops of Eugene Burger Revealed"
628: Open House Whit "Pop" Haydn with Jeff McBride
624: Open House "Master Payne" with Jeff McBride
619: Open House "Justin Willman" with Jeff McBride
615: Open House "Bob Neale" with Larry Hass
611: "Open House Jeki Yoo" with Jeff McBride
607: "Open House, Rhapsody Theater Revealed" with Ricardo Rosenkranz & Ross Johnson (Feb 6 2023)
602: "Open House" Interview with Asi Wind with Jeff McBride & Daryl Rogers (Jan 2 2023)
Episode 600 Celebration (Dec 19 2022)
598: "Open House" Magick Balay, with Jeff McBride & Daryl Rogers (Dec 5 2022)
594: "Open House" Mario the Maker Magician with Jeff Christensen (Nov 7 2022)
589: "Open House" with Larry Hass & Special Guest Julie Eng (Oct 3 2022)
585: "Open House, Magic Competition Winners" with Jeff McBride & Larry Hass (Sep 5 2022)
580: Open House "The Shimada Legacy" with Jeff McBride & Special Guest Luna Shimada (Aug 1 2022)
576: "Open House, Patriotic Magic" with Jeff McBride (Jul 4 2022)
574: "Special Open House, Rhapsody Theater" with Ricardo Rosenkranz & Carisa Hendrix (Jun 20 2022)
572: "Open House" with Jeff Christensen & Rob Zabrecky (Jun 6 2022)
567: "Open House" with Jeff McBride & "The Magic of Jen Kramer" (May 2 2022)
563: "Open House" Mat Franco (Apr 4 2022)
562: "Open House" Magic for Ukraine (Mar 28 2022)
559: Open House with Larry Hass & Special Guest Ross Johnson (Mar 7 2022)
555: Open House Monday with Jeff McBride, Jeff Christensen & Special Guest Avner the Eccentric (Feb 7 2022)
550: OPEN HOUSE Monday with Jeff McBride, Larry Hass & Special Guest Stan Allen (Jan 3 2022)
546: OPEN HOUSE "Legends of Magic" with Jeff McBride, George Schindler & Meir Yedid (Dec 6 2021)
541: OPEN HOUSE "Holiday Magic" with Jeff McBride with Ed Alonzo (Nov 1 2021)
537: OPEN HOUSE "Seance, bizarre & Storytelling Magic" with Jeff McBride & Hannibal (Oct 4 2021)
536: SPECIAL OPEN HOUSE "Magic with Meaning" with David Reed Brown, Braden Daniels & Friends  (Sep 27 2021)
533: Open House "Magic with Meaning" with Larry Hass & Bob Neale (Sep 6 2021)
528: Open House "Grand Illusions" with Jeff McBride & Jonathan Pendragon (Aug 2 2021)
482: Class 133 "David Copperfield" with Jeff McBride, Lawrence Hass, & Tobias Beckwith (Sep 14, 2020)


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