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Book Yourself Solid with Life Cycle Shows! - Live Online

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No More Slow Seasons!

Put your creativity to work, marketing and scripting for Life Cycle Shows.

ThreeTuesday’s January 18, 25 and February 1st from 5-7 pm Pacific time (8-10pm Eastern)

$145 until Jan. 1. $195 after that.

Life Cycle Events - Magic for Celebrations, From Cradle to the Grave

Most professional entertainers have full calendars for Christmas and Halloween – but what if every month could look like that? Sure, we all know how to book birthday parties, and some of us enjoy Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. But have you thought about other major events in people’s lives?

This class will be recorded and made available to all registrants as streaming video, along with a collection of supplementary materials, for the period of one year after the class ends.

Wedding magic shows are all the rage in the UK and starting to pick up in the US. But are we marketing for quinceañeras, debutant balls, sweet 16 celebrations, retirement events, or university student orientations? Most of us have worked a few high school graduations -- but have we booked grade school graduations and middle school promotions? People gather to celebrate for baby showers, baby naming ceremonies, baptisms, and confirmations -- and they can use our skills. There are seasonal holidays in every religion from Easter to Passover to Chinese New Year –and they can all use a little entertainment. I’ve worked a lot of bachelor parties as well as hen and stag events, but I also know performers who have been hired to perform at divorce and breakup parties! You may be booked regularly for New Year’s Eve, but how often are you booked for Chinese New Year, Persian New Year, and Diwali? Let’s talk about Purim, May Day, Arbor Day, and Carnivale.

This is a class about how you can find and create new ways to be hired to celebrate every week of the year!

As an anthropologist, Paul Draper has studied life cycle events and the different ways people commemorate and celebrate these meaningful moments that align themselves with their community. Most magicians and mentalists only know how to perform and book shows for the holidays that they personally celebrate. Within this class, we will discuss a wide variety of spiritual and secular cultural traditions and celebrations that could use an entertainer like us to perform for their guests and make their events more meaningful and memorable. 

The focus of this class will be on: 

  1. Becoming aware of a wider spectrum of celebrations 
  2. An introductory understanding of these celebrations 
  3. How to appropriately create and script magical performance pieces for a variety of traditions 
  4. How to modify the pieces we already perform to fit multiple celebrations 
  5. How to market to groups, organizations, and individuals holding these events 

This class is presented by senior faculty member Paul Draper who will lead lectures and discussions. Draper will also bring in special guests who are expert performers and international stars of magic, as well as experts from different faith traditions who have unique perspectives on performing for celebrations.