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Creating Magic in Business

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John F. Kennedy once observed that the word “crisis” in Chinese is composed of two characters—one representing danger, the other opportunity. Whether or not he was linguistically accurate, his thought was certainly accurate, and certainly applicable to our times.

Creating Magic in Business

Three Wednesdays: August 19, 26 and Sept. 2,  5:30pm-7:30pm PDT

David Morey & Tobias Beckwith with special guests Jeff McBride & John McLaughlin

A workshop for business and organizational leaders seeking a bit of real magic to help them re-boot their businesses and re-think their ways forward during these times—and for performers wanting a deeper understanding of their own businesses.

Magicians and business leaders have more in common that one might expect. And, ultimately, show business is like any other—the lessons learned in one are applicable across the board.

In these three sessions, we’ll explore:

  1. Reboot Strategy - - - how do you “Reset” your magic, business, and life now?”
  2. Creating Business Magic - - - what strategies can we borrow from this book, from authors Eugene Burger, John McLaughlin, and David Morey, and how can we use these principles in our magic and business?
  3. 3x5 Card - - - what is your “core message,” communicating how you are different, special, and better?
  4. Video Workshop - - - using this crisis as well as we can, how can you “up” your communications game on Zoom and for the post crisis period, for delivering speeches and keynotes, and with hands-on video workshop training?
  5. How Do We Drive Action - - - what are the best practice “magic tricks” to create critical momentum and drive forward your own campaign, magic, and business?

Consulting legend Peter Drucker once said: “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.” This inaugural Magic in Business conference focuses on both marketing and innovation and leverages the remarkably powerful synergies between magic and business.

David Morey and Tobias Beckwith lead the seminar, based on the book Creating  Business Magic by David Morey, Eugene Burger and John McLaughlin, and the book The Wizard’s Way by Tobias Beckwith. Special guest teachers include Jeff McBride and John McLaughlin.

FOCUS: Using learning and performing magic to enhance your skills of innovation, creativity, problem-solving, out-of-the-box thinking, inspiration, marketing, persuasion, practicing, scripting, rehearsing, and packaging including:

Leading Change: You will learn to imagine what the audience thinks, to re-write the marketplace rules, and to apply bold problem-solving.

Thinking Differently: Challenge and change your assumptions to help unlock powers of memory, reason, and imagination.

Playing Offense: You will absorb this all-critical principle of strategic and business success—controlling the competitive dialogue, moving to the attack, exploiting challenges, and never playing defense. 

ORGANIZATION: The event will be held over 3 days. perhaps organized as follows:

  • Day One: “IMAGINE”
  • Day Two: “PLOT”
  • Day Three: “EMPOWER”

Your guides:

DAVID MOREY, Vice Chairman of Core Strategy Group and CEO of DMG, is one of America’s leading strategic consultants. He is the award-winning co-author of The Underdog Advantage (McGraw Hill), and has helped add hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and value to a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Morey has worked with some of the world’s top business leaders –and he has advised five Noble Peace Prize winners and twelve winning global presidential campaigns, including that of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

In global politics, Mr. Morey has advised Philippine President Corazon Aquino, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Mexican President Vicente Fox, Korean President Kim Dae Jung and The Dalai Lama. In business, Mr. Morey has worked with a range of successful start-ups and small businesses, and his corporate clients include Bancomer, Verizon, Pepsi, General Electric, Mars, KPMG, McDonald's, Microsoft, American Express, News Corp., Nike, P&G, Disney, Visa, Coca-Cola, TPG and many others.

Over the years, Mr. Morey has served as Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at Columbia University, and recently was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations' Task Force on Public Diplomacy. He was a four-time All-American Decathlon competitor, IC4A Champion and a member of several U.S. national teams.


TOBIAS BECKWITH -- A lifetime working in live entertainment has provided Tobias Beckwith with rare insights into the ways both performers and audiences are transformed by their experiences. He shares this unique knowledge through his books The Wizard's Way, The Wizard's Way to Powerful Presentations, and Beyond Deception, Volumes 1 & 2, and Beyond Applause: Marketing & Management for the Independent Performer, as well as in his speaking, consulting, directing and teaching work.

Trained as actor, director and designer for the theater, Tobias taught in the performing arts program at University of Pittsburgh before relocating to New York City. There, he counted himself fortunate to work on the production and management teams for The Fantasticks, the original Broadway production of Sweeney Todd and the long running Oh! Calcutta! Since 1988, Tobias has worked almost exclusively with top magicians Jeff McBride and Marco Tempest, managing, directing and producing events in Las Vegas, off-Broadway, for corporate events, and on tour to theaters and arts festivals around the world. He founded his first corporation in 1988.