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Fire Magic 2024 Summer Summit

$145.00 ($100.00 minimum deposit)

Fire Magic 2024 Summer Summit

Held on two consecutive Fridays, August 2 and August 9, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.
All classes will be recorded so you can watch at any time!

Live from Las Vegas! Join us on Zoom for two incredible classes on the Art and Performance of FIRE MAGIC!

Join Master Magician Jeff McBride, and Pyromancer, Flow and FIRE Expert Kevin Axtell for this one-of-a-kind One Time Only event!

You will learn the inside secrets of fire magic, sparks and flashes, potions and powders, secret devices and techniques to dazzle and amaze your audiences.

Who Is This For?

Fire performers and flow artists that want to add magic effects, illusions and dynamic special effects to their existing repertoire.

Magicians and Illusionists that want to learn safe and effective techniques, secret devices, and new ways to enhance their shows with the dynamic element of Fire.

Learn from experts, special guests and pyrotechnicians how to handle these substances in a safe and secure way.

And at the same time, unleash the power and majesty of one of the most spectacular weapons in the modern entertainer's arsenal!


  • Six hours of personalized training
  • Extensive online archives and resource lists, video and continuing education materials
  • Connect with an international community of like-minded performers and forge friendships and lasting alliances
  • Get your personal questions answered by experts
  • Each student will get a certificate of participation in PDF form suitable for print and framing

Enrich your life and your performance by learning the secrets of the fire shamans... the secrets of sorcery and the power of FIRE!

Tuition is $145 in advance.
$245 two weeks before the event - save $100 and enroll now!
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