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Show & Business - The Pro Class

$495.00 ($250.00 minimum deposit)
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Taught by Tobias Beckwith & Jeff McBride

Every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 am (Pacific) for a 45 minute session on Zoom. 16 sessions Live on Zoom, plus 8 video teaching lectures by Jeff & Tobias.

This will be a student-directed course in how to build an integrated business and career around your magical passion.

Congratulations! You've become a good magician and performer - but now you want more. You're thinking of making this into a career, or at least a business. That's a big step! Or maybe you've already taken that step, and it's time to change direction or shift into a higher gear.

We've been there! Jeff turned full-time pro when he was still in his teens and has succeeded, shifted gear in his career, and succeeded again -- several times. Tobias started out life as a performer, shifted to become a director and teacher, and then moved to New York and landed on the business end of some of New York's best-known shows, before moving over into artist management and production work for magicians. We've negotiated our way through recessions and pandemics successfully. Most important, we continue to learn and "dance with the times." We know that certain principles hold true no matter how much the world changes around us, and how to dance with the changes -- and we can help you do the same!

One of the most important things we've learned is that no two performers -- no two careers -- are the same. Each one of you reading this is unique. You have different loves, different ambitions, you work in vastly different markets -- and so what you need to succeed, both in your performances and in building your businesses, will be different. There are certain basic truths and principles that apply to every one of you -- but there are also vast differences. That's why this will be a largely "student-directed" undertaking. We have a basic outline that we think will get us all off to a good start -- but after we get started, we will address each class to your personal needs. For example, If everyone is a close-up performer, we won't waste your time learning the stage-craft and logistics you need to present a grand illusion show. But we will focus on the many different ways you can use your close-up performances to serve different kinds of audiences, and how you can market effectively to those particular audiences. During each class, conducted live and online, we'll discuss what you want to learn next. Each weekend, both of us will post short (10-15 minute) lectures getting you up to speed on what you've asked for for the following week. Then, each Tuesday and Friday morning at 9:30 am Pacific time, we'll meet on Zoom for our live discussions.

While subjects will be chosen by the group, here are some definite take-aways for everyone:

  • A basic understanding of the principles for creating your business
  • Personalized systems for finance, legal, marketing and gig management that will enhance your effectiveness
  • A clear understanding and materials for developing your 3-4 minute pieces for TV & social media, how and why to develop your 12-minute "act," and how to develop a strong 45-minute "gala" show specific to your market
  • What marketing really means, and the tools for marketing your own particular brand and business
  • Proven methods for developing material that you can use in multiple settings and to convey different messages in different situations

We can cover whatever you want, but here's a starter list you can choose from:

  • Introduction to business & the magic business in particular.
  • What's it for?
  • Who is it for?
  • How will you best serve your market?
  • Defining an actionable mission, vision and goals.
  • How will you let your market know about your offerings?
  • What is your story?
  • What are some good opening pieces to fit your market and chosen venue(s)
  • What are some good "middle" pieces?
  • Closers?
  • How will you structure your shows to best serve the needs of your clients?
  • How will you understand and manage your finances?
  • Learning to create work that packs small, but plays big.
  • What are the legal considerations you need to handle?
  • Building long-term relationships with your own team and your clients.
  • What is showmanship, and how it can make all the difference?
  • How to develop the skills and systems you need to succeed.

The class is limited to 18 students so that we will have time to really focus on each of your needs. In some ways, it will function as much as a mastermind group as it will as a seminar, which means sometimes some of you will contribute more than Jeff or Tobias does because you have more experience in a particular area. Sometimes we will invite others we know to come in and address a particular subject if neither of us is the most expert of anyone we know in a particular area. It is our hope that the students will continue to assist one another to become the new leaders and innovators in our art.

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