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Tarot Card Magic Intensive - Live on ZOOM

$50.00 ($50.00 minimum deposit)

One Day, Noon - 3 pm Pacific Time

Our TAROT CARD MAGIC EXPERIENCE in May 2020 was so popular that we are now offering an

 ALL NEW CLASS for those of you who want to journey deeper into the mysteries of Tarot. This class is open to everyone and anyone that has prior knowledge of the Tarot, or those who have attended our previous Tarot Card Magic Experience.

Who is this class for?

This is an intermediate and advanced class for people that already have a working knowledge of Tarot. If you are familiar with tarot cards and like to combine card readings, magic and other mysteries, this intermediate and advanced class will offer you new insights, tools, methods and complete routines that you can immediately apply to your work. 

Our modern-day deck of cards has a fascinating origin. Many say that modern-day playing cards came from the mysterious beginnings of the tarot.  Some say they are a mystic oracle, and a book of ancient wisdom handed down through the ages. 

NOTE: If you are new to Tarot, or a beginner and have no prior knowledge of Tarot and would like to attend this class, you must contact Abigail McBride at 702-450-0021 to acquire the preliminary coursework, which will provide the prerequisite knowledge you will need to attend this class. The fee for the prerequisite information is $150. Abigail will give you information about payment and the links for what you'll need to prepare.

People are fascinated with Tarot cards and also the art of conjuring. When you combine these two esoteric arts, you create a powerful form of participatory ritual theater. In this unique class, you will learn easy to perform tarot card magic effects, and also gain insight on how to use tarot cards in the performance of close up, parlor and even stage magic performances! Learn which types of decks are best to use for conjuring magic and why. We will dive into the exploration of the ethics of Tarot magic. You will learn how to blend tarot readings with magic effects

We will give you the best new tools to read tarot, and to use them for the best magical effect.


3 hours of magic and wisdom with some of the greatest magic teachers of our time.


 Learn how to use advanced techniques of Tarot magic, and other oracles to enhance your magical performances.

 Learn great new magic and bizarre routines using tarot cards.


Now, you will be able to give powerful and meaningful readings with playing cards.

You will also be able to give effective personality and psychic readings.

Teachers include:

Jeff McBride - Founder of the Magic & Mystery School

 —a student of Alchemy, Hermetics, and Tarot for over 30 years.  In that time, Jeff has collected what he feels are the most powerful and practical routines that now can be shared with your audiences. In this seminar, Jeff will teach you magic effects and principles that will enhance your readings, performance, and understanding of these powerful tools.

Clinton Combs

—a modern shaman and professional mystery entertainer. Clinton’s work with Tarot cards will educate and entertain, and give you new tools for your readings and performances. He is a Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, and an Ambassador for the McBride Magic & Mystery School. He is also a philosopher and author of Beyond Metaphysics. He has a MA in Philosophy and is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Philosophy of Religion at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA.

Brad Henderson

—a lifetime friend of Mystery School. Brad is a magician, writer, collector and author of the wonderful Tarot reading book, THE DANCE. He is an experienced designer for mega-entertainer events, and consultant for gaming pioneer Richard Garriott. He has consulted for Michael Ammar and ABC’s Exploring the Unexplained.


Take Aways:

Build on the knowledge you already have of how to read tarot cards.

Learn many great new routines to entertain and delight your friends and clients.

* 3 hours of personal instruction from the world’s top tarot masters

* 3 hours of fantastic video for you to view. 

* Bonus! Question and Answer time and interaction with all of the teachers

* A compendium of information you will have at your fingertips to reference for an entire year after class ends.

* Make great connections and meet a network of kindred spirits that will connect you to the heart and art of the tarot magic community.

You will need: 

* A notebook and pen for taking notes, your tarot deck, and a deck of playing cards

Are you concerned that you might miss this session, or that we'll cover more than you can absorb while the class is going on? Don't worry! Each class is recorded, and you'll have exclusive access to stream that video a day or two after each class ends for an entire year. Watch as many times as you like!