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Tarot Magic Mastery

$895.00 ($400.00 minimum deposit)

Tarot Magic Mastery
How to perform powerful reading and meaning magic routines
with Tarot Cards with Jeff McBride, live at the 
Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas!

Our modern-day deck of cards has a fascinating origin. Many say that modern playing cards came from the mysterious beginnings of the Tarot. Some say they are a mystic oracle, and a book of ancient wisdom handed down through the ages.

Tarot card are beautiful, magical objects filled with history and mystery! One thing we know for sure is cards of all styles are imaginative, fun and highly entertaining.

If you are just beginning, or if you are already an expert, we will give you the best tools to read Tarot cards, and to use them for the best magical effect!

Has anyone ever asked you
"Oh! Can you read my cards?"
"Can you tell me my fortune?"

Tarot cards hold a timeless mystique. Regardless of whether you've been reading for years or are brand new to this fascinating world, this class is perfect for all those with an interest in playing cards, card magic and Tarot card readings.

Did you know that each of these Tarot cards has a lesson to teach us?

  • The reading methods are deceptive and easily learned.
  • Perfect for adding your personality and stories.
  • Can be performed in all conditions, close up, parlor, and surrounded!
  • Learn the secrets of Tarot Magic and why they have endured over the years.
  • Learn the correct techniques and practice disciplines that lead to a professional presentation.
  • You will learn both basic and advanced reading and conjuring techniques, suited to your skill level, and how to make your magic entertaining.

Who Is This Class For?

  • Magicians who want to use Tarot cards in their performances.
  • Tarot enthusiasts who want to add magic to their readings.
  • Anyone who is interested in adding more meaning to their magic.
  • Storytellers who want to add magic and Tarot to their work.
  • Beginners and professionals.

This is a class for all levels of experience. Since we have only six students, each of you will have personal time with Jeff to help you excel at your own pace and level of experience. If you are familiar with Tarot cards and like to combine card readings, magic and other mysteries, this class will offer you new insights, tools, methods and complete routines that you can immediately apply to your work.

Part One
Living the Tarot - Card Readings and Fortune Telling for Everyone!
Learn the real secrets from a modern master. You will learn the classic meanings of the cards and how to deliver effective Tarot card readings. People who study symbolism or Tarot can tell when performers are not well-trained.

We will give you the appearance of having decades of experience right at your fingertips, and you will learn to give great Tarot readings using your intuition and without any memorization. You will also learn how to use the Tarot to empower yourself and others, beyond using the Tarot as a tool for conducting readings.

Jeff will share his easy memory techniques for fast comprehension of the symbols and meanings of all the cards in the Tarot deck. Yes, in one day, you will have all you need to read ANY deck of playing cards of Tarot cards effectively!

Part Two
Tarot Magic - Magical Routines for the Mystery Entertainer!
People are fascinated with Tarot cards and also the art of conjuring. When you combine these two esoteric arts, you create a powerful form of participatory ritual theater.

In this unique class, you will learn easy-to-perform Tarot card magic effects, and also gain insight on how to use Tarot cards in the performance of close up, parlor and even stage magic performances! Learn which types of decks are best to use for conjuring magic and why. We will dive into the exploration of the ethics of Tarot magic. You will learn how to blend Tarot readings with magic effects!

Three days of magic and wisdom with one of the greatest magic teachers of our time - Jeff McBride.
Jeff will be teaching his wisdom, insights and experience.

Learn how to use the Tarot and other oracles to enhance your magical performances.
Learn great magic and bizarre routines, all using Tarot cards.

Now, you will be able to give powerful and meaningful readings with playing cards.
You will also be able to give effective personality and psychic readings.

You will have access to Jeff McBride's Tarot reading system.
Every card has a special meaning, and how each card is used for personal study to to perform card readings.

Take Aways

  • You will learn the real History of the Tarot.
  • You will explore the meanings of the cards.
  • You will embody Tarot postures to invoke the archetypes.
  • You will learn how to use Tarot for meditation.
  • You will acquire the knowledge of how to read Tarot cards.
  • You will learn many great routines to entertain and delight your friends and clients.
  • You will receive hours of personal instruction from the world's top Tarot masters.
  • You will have access to many fantastic videos for your viewing pleasure, a compendium of information you will have at your fingertips to reference for the rest of your life!
  • You will make great connections and meet a network of kindred spirits that will link you to the heart and art of the Tarot magic community.
  • You will receive professional training and personal interaction.
  • You will also get supplementary secret insider resource materials upon completion of the course.
  • You will use these hard-to-find resource lists for your entire lifetime!
  • Certificate of Participation - suitable for framing.

You Will Need

  • A notebook and pen for taking notes.
  • Any Tarot deck you like or own. If you don't have one, we suggest getting the Rider Waite Smith deck.
  • We suggest (but not mandatory) reading any of the Robert Place books on Tarot -

Your Teacher - Jeff McBride

  • Founder of the Magic & Mystery School
  • a student of Alchemy, Hermetics, and Tarot for over 35 years. In that time, Jeff has collected what he feels are the most powerful and practical routines that now can be shared with your audiences.
  • In this seminar, Jeff will teach the essential Tarot and card reading techniques he has perfected over decades.
  • Jeff teaches magic effects and principles that will enhance your readings, performances, and understanding of these powerful tools.

Schedule of Events
Friday, April 5, from 7 pm - 9:30 pm

"An Enchanted Evening at the Magic & Mystery School"
Join Jeff and Abigail McBride for an exciting Opening Night Party with a guided tour of the school, museum, library, a magic show and more! Please note that this "opening night" event is an optional and informal gathering. We begin the workshop on Saturday at noon, so if you arrive Saturday morning you will not miss any of the teachning.

Saturday, April 6, from 12 pm - 5 pm
"Essential Techniques for Skill Building"
We will work together in the Magic Studio on techniques that will include how to read the cards, making spreads, creating effective readings and storytelling.

Sunday, April 7, from 12 pm - 5 pm
"Performance Training for Creating Your Show"
We will focus on learning how to present the Tarot magic routines that give powerful meaning to otherwise mundane "card tricks" and learn new ways for entertaining and enlightening our modern audiences with these ancient cards.

This could be the last time this class is ever offered LIVE in person!
Six students only! Register now!