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The Seven Stages of Show Flow - Online on ZOOM

$145.00 ($75.00 minimum deposit)
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Two days, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Pacific)


7 Secrets to Creating a Successful Show

7 Essential Building Blocks

+ 7 Great Routines

Take the magic that you already own and perform, and learn the techniques on how to transform your individual effects into a full magic experience! 

For the first time ever online, you can learn the real professional secrets to effective show building. Jeff McBride has been building shows for all types of venues from close-up to the largest theaters in the world. He's worked with top professionals to design their shows and to transform their business.

For all levels and experience

Whether your passion is close-up, parlor, or stage, the seven steps are essential ingredients to creating and building an effective show.

Turn the tricks you know into a real show.  Learn Jeff’s “real magic formula” that is tried, true, and tested among professionals in close-up venues and on stages around the world.


Real Secrets - Real Teachings!

The information in this class is not available on any DVD, video, or book!

In this unique class, jeff will share his 50 years of performing experience with you.

  • learn how to grab the attention of the room. 
  • learn how to tell your personal story in a powerful way.
  • learn the real secrets of audience interaction and getting full participation.
  • learn how to transition in between effects. (this is where most performers fail)
  • learn professional secrets on how to get the audience on their feet!
  • learn new magic effects and routines to add to your repertoire.
  • experience 2 wonderful days filled with wisdom, fellowship & good cheer.

Teachers & special guests

Jeff McBride was recently inducted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame, awarded Magician of the Year by The Magic Castle, and is named one of the top 100 magicians of all time by Magic Magazine.

Takeaways from this class include:

  • hours of video for you to enjoy for your education and training
  • q&a time with jeff, so he can answer your personal questions
  • access to McBride's master key archive of training materials and essays, 
  • admittance into the private video vault, with transcripts of the entire 2-day class

Details & registration:

Join us live, or watch on the entire class any time “on-demand!” All events are recorded for your convenience.