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Theater Games for Magicians

$145.00 ($75.00 minimum deposit)

6 consecutive Wednesdays, from 5-6 pm (Pacific). That's one hour per week, on the Zoom platform.

This is a “playshop,” designed for both fun and learning. Bring your “bare bones” magic piece of from 90 seconds to 3 minutes. Each week we will try out different “theater game” exercises, guaranteed to help you --

  • Create new material that is uniquely suited to the performer. 
  • Perform with greater power and expressivity.
  • Through the repeated exploration of a single piece, most performers will develop a level of mastery that is beyond what they may have experienced in the past.

Come prepared to play! Although we'll record the classes for your viewing, no one outside the class will ever see what we do. Why? Because these exercises are designed to move you out of your comfort zone. You'll look silly, feel deeply, move strangely--and have a lot of fun. But, being adults, we may not wish a lot of outsiders to see us doing all that! And that's why we have "safe space" classes like this one.

The final results--those you'll want to share. Because by exploring the extremes, you'll discover powerful new ways to present the pieces you work on in the class.

The lessons come from the teachings of Viola Spolin, the Actors Studio, Grotowski and others at the forefront of expanding the performing arts. Much of the learning will come to you through movement, sound...and other routes you may not have experienced before.

Sound scary? It's not. What is is--is great fun! So...come and play with us. You'll learn a lot, in ways probably new to you--and we'll all have a great time together!