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Weekend of Wisdom - Live in Las Vegas

$795.00 ($400.00 minimum deposit)

Join us for a weekend of wisdom! Spend quality time in small groups with some of the greatest magic teachers in the world. Explore the deep wisdom of the philosophers of magic.

The original vision of Mystery School was to create a safe place for serious play and a deep study of magic. For the first few years, 30 people met for three days in a secret location. Over the years, that grew and grew to over 100 students attending.

Here is your chance to experience the roots of the tree of wisdom: old-school, small-group style!

Daytime Events

Lively discussions, thought-provoking lectures, inspirational performances, and share YOUR magic. Small group conversations, Library and Museum explorations, and mysterious surprises!

Evening Events

Special events will be planned, including magic, mystery, and special guests,


In addition to our wonderful programming (shows, talks, and new magic), you will also create or renew deep friendships, all of which will reinvigorate and inspire your magic. You will also receive:

* A Mystery School Grimoire, filled with your favorite secrets.

The Grimoire is a collection of essays and thoughts, and a place for your personal reflections on the weekend. This is a book you will return to again and again, to reflect on the teachings that will be shared with you over the weekend.

In our effort to create a safe and healthy space you will be provided with a collectible water bottle that you may keep as part of your experience here at the Magic & Mystery School. This is a high-quality water bottle that you will use for many years to come.

* The Mystery School Membership Emblem, given only to those who attend the School.

* Certificate of Participation, specially created for the Weekend of Wisdom, suitable for framing.

You will also gain access to Mystery School's secret online groups. This is a private online space, where our students gather to share thoughts, secrets, resources, and magic.

Every student will have access to the incredible Mystery School “Library of Secrets” and will get to explore the “Museum of Curiosities.”

We are working to make this a deeply fulfilling and memorable experience. Space is limited to 15 people, so register now.


Working Schedule

(Subject to change)

Friday, September 8, 2023

9:30am:  Arrive, check-in, hellos

10:00:  Opening Show

10:40:  Grand Council of the Magi

11:40:  Keynote #1:  Larry Hass  

12:30:  Lunch

1:45:  Magic First!

2:15:  Small Group Sharing #1:  Convivial Conversation and Magic Teaching

3:00:  Personal Time and Reflection

3:30:  What Gifts Did You Bring?

4:30:  Special Event

5:30:  The Closing Mystery

5:30-7:30:  Dinner with wise friends

7:30-9:30:  An Evening of Deep Mystery

9:30:  Sweet Dreams!


Saturday, September 9, 2023

9:30am:  Library Time

10:15:  Opening Show

10:45:  Grand Council of the Magi

11:45:  Small Group Sharing #2:  Convivial Conversation and Magic Teaching 

12:30:  Lunch

1:45:  Magic First!

2:15:  Special Guest Lecture

3:15:  Personal Time and Reflection

3: 45:  What Gifts Did You Bring?

4:45:  The Closing Mystery

5:00-7:30:  Dinner with wise friends

7:30-9:30: Evening Event

9:30:  Sweet Dreams!


Sunday, September 10, 2023

10:30:  Opening Show

11:00:  Grand Council of the Magi

11:45:  Small Group Sharing #3:  Convivial Conversation and Magic Teaching

12:30:  Lunch

1:45:  Magic First!

2:15:  Keynote #2:  Jeff McBride

3:15:  Personal Time and Reflection

3:30:  Closing Council

4:00:  The Final Mystery


The House of Mystery COVID-19 Policy, Revised September 7, 2022 (Please note: this will be changed in 2023 to reflect the health & safety issues at that time.)

Health & Safety issues remain a top priority as we look toward our in-person courses this fall, the Weekend of Wisdom (October 14-16, 2022) and the Master Class for Mentalism (November 10-13, 2022). And yet, the situation with COVID has changed: although the virus remains a serious concern and the consequences of contracting it are significant, the rate of hospitalizations and deaths have decreased for people who are vaccinated.

Nonetheless, our purpose with these classes is not simply to hold them but to complete them—that is, to not have to prematurely end a class because of a COVID outbreak. Thus, working with CDC guidelines and our own medical advisor (Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz), here is the policy we will apply.


1. We ask that each morning of the class every participant self-administers a rapid antigen test (such as BinaxNow) before coming to the House of Mystery. Of course, a positive test or any sign of symptoms (such as fever, sore throat, headaches, significant congestion) will require that you not attend the remainder of the course. When you arrive at the House of Mystery, you will be asked to sign a form that says you have a negative result on that morning’s self-test and are symptom free. (Be sure to pack plenty of self-tests.) 


2. We require that participants wear a mask inside the House of Mystery, unless they are performing or formally presenting (in which case wearing a mask is optional). The fact is that if someone unknowingly brings COVID into the House of Mystery, everyone being masked is the single best way to prevent its spread. As a result, we will hold as many of our class units outside as possible.


3. Please note: although we strongly recommend that everyone be “optimally vaccinated,” that is, have received the primary series of one’s selected vaccine and every additional booster for which one is eligible, we are no longer requiring that one must be vaccinated to attend.


Thank you for understanding these measures as we make our plans to be together this fall!