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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to perform, or can I just watch and observe?

No one has to perform at our classes. Many students are happy learning from watching other people perform and from the classes and interactions with the Faculty. The atmosphere at our School is not "high stress and pressure," but rather supportive, creative, constructive, and noncompetitive.

What skill level must I have mastered in order to attend?

None. We work with students at all levels of experience. Some of our students are beginners, looking to advance their technical skills; other students are full-time pros seeking new inspiration, refining their business plans, and taking their magic to the next level of excellence. 

Will Master Class help me find my direction?

Absolutely. Master Class will help you explore what kind of magic is best for you — who you are — what your character is. Jeff, Eugene, and all the Faculty also discuss the different stages of development a performer may go through and will help you understand your current level. Many of our students are hobbyists with a sincere love of magic and come simply for the experience.

I am only interested in close-up magic; what's in it for me?

The Faculty have extensive experience in close-up magic. Small groups and break-out sessions with a special focus on close-up magic are a daily part of the experience.

Your classes sounds very interesting and I will probably go, but I'm wondering if I am at a stage where it will give me the most benefit. Should I go now or should I play with magic some more before going?

Go now. Not only are our classes informative and instructive, but they are INSPIRING. They give you energy, direction, and focus in your magic. Our classes are limited in number and you may not get another chance.

Any other subtleties that I'm not aware of?

Jeff, Eugene, and all the Faculty of the Magic & Mystery School are some of the kindest, most generous people in magic. The School isn't a convention atmosphere, it is a learning environment that is designed to help every student achieve their best potentials. We aren't "drill sergeants"; we're teachers, and we work in a spirit of learning, assisting, and sharing.

What do you do each day at Master Class?

After an Opening Circle learning session, the early part of our day is spent on Works in Progress, where some students perform (or share a video of a performance or rehearsal) and receive detailed, professional feedback from the Faculty. In the afternoons there performances by the teachers and special guests, lectures from the Faculty, break-out groups and skill-building sessions which are focused on the needs and interests of the students.

What does my family do while I am in class?

We have opening night festivities which are open to anyone traveling with you. In addition, there are many attractions in Vegas for people of all ages and interests — and lots of them are free! Many people decide to come early or stay a few extra days to catch some of the evening shows, as well. You can get more info on events in Las Vegas on our Visiting Las Vegas page.

Where are classes held?

Jeff and Abigail McBride's House of Mystery in Las Vegas, which is five miles from the airport. You will receive directions once your registration has been confirmed.

Is it expensive?

We believe that our classes and events are an exceptional value. While there are a few magic conventions that cost less than our 3-Day sessions, the Magic & Mystery School is providing something essentially different. We are the world's leading magic school. Our team of professional magic educators create learning experiences designed to help our students achieve their full potential as magicians and as magical performers. And we are priced more reasonably than most other so-called magic "teachers" who charge a lot more and deliver far less.

Where do I stay?

You can stay on The Strip or find a place close to the House of Mystery. For more information on hotels, visit our Visiting Las Vegas page.

How many times a year is the Master Class in session?

Classes are scheduled as Jeff, Eugene and the other teacher's schedules allow. In recent years the School has tended to offer a 3-Day Master Class in January, and 7-Day Master Classes in March, July, and August. To see what we have sheduled for the next year, please check our events page. To be notified of the upcoming classes, Join the Mailing List.

How do I get there?

You will fly or drive. Flights to Las Vegas are relatively inexpensive, especially if you order your tickets a few weeks in advance. You will be given more specific directions on when and how best to buy airline tickets once you register for a class.

I'm a stage illusionist; do I bring my entire show to Master Class?

Many of our students are illusionists or large stage manipulators. They typically bring a video of one of their performances or rehearsals which is used to offer feedback. If you have a smaller prop or a costume you need special assistance with, bring it or them along.

Can I bring my assistant?

Yes, magical partners are welcome to attend at a discounted price.

I want to improve my competition act; have you worked with people like me before?

Yes! Many of our students are working on competition acts. Check the Winner's Circle for recent competition winners.

How old do I have to be? Is there an age limit?

We work with students from 12 years to 70 years and up! Many of our students are beginners and others have spent an entire lifetime in magic. This is a unique learning environment for all levels and ages!

I am a full-time professional magician. What is in it for me?

Not only do we offer practical theatrical magic direction to enhance your current presentations, we also offer teaching units and lectures on the business of magic, marketing, website design, and the use of video for promotion. Our Faculty are professionals who have extraordinary experience and success selling shows. Tobias Beckwith, Jeff's manager, has many years of experience in the entertainment industry and shares his insider's information with all of our professional students.

What kinds of topics get covered at Magic & Mystery School learning experiences?

In a recent survey, our past students reported that we cover the following kinds of topics (in no particular order):

Presentation • Character Development • Originality • Theater Arts • Marketing • Confidence • Showmanship • Encouragement • Music • Costuming • Personal Attention • Improvisation • Movement • Routining • Scriptwriting • Lighting Design • Creativity • Mentoring • Career Development • Motivation • Business • Artistry • Insight • Brainstorming • Advertising • Resources • Coaching • Acting • History • Close-Up Magic Vision • Evaluation • Street Magic • Publicity • Support • Innovation • Parlor Magic • Psychology • Mastery • Stage Magic • Transformation • Empowerment • Consulting • Philosophy • Performing Arts • Diction • Prop Construction • Card Magic • Networking • Comedy • Technique • Trade Shows • Audience Participation • Wisdom • Mentalism • Hands-On Learning • Coin Magic • Corporate Shows • Dramatic Arts • Storytelling • Manipulation • Stagecraft • Pantomime • Family Shows • Promotion • Public Relations • Inspiration