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North Pole News

  • Only magic book dedicated exclusively to Christmas magic
  • 52 Christmas-themed magic effects
  • Existing effects rescripted plus new ones
  • 316 Christmas one-liners
  • Resources for further ideas
  • All proceeds go to McBride's Magic & Mystery School Scholarship Fund.

For many magicians, the Christmas season is the “gig season” supreme. Whether you are a full-time Santa Magician or merely plan to include Christmas magic effects in your holiday shows, the North Pole News helps you upgrade your holiday performances. You don’t need tacky props that belie the spirit of the season. North Pole News rescripts some props you may already have, such as the Professor’s Nightmare, Invisible Deck, and Square Circle. Other holiday magic is new and original. You’ll find something of value whether you perform at close-up, platform, or stage venues. If you are at a loss for Santa patter, you will find 316 one-liners to sprinkle into your scripts.

Having impactful magic in your Santa bag of tricks is a starting point, not an endpoint. You want your audiences to feel like you’re giving them something special. In a highly entertaining way, you are respecting and honoring the traditions associated with Santa, such as giving gifts, spreading joy, and being a symbol of goodwill. You do this by embracing the belief in the magic of Christmas. That’s how you give your audiences something special.

Santa knows!

All proceeds go to McBride's Magic & Mystery School Scholarship Fund.


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