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Growing in the Art of Magic MP3 Library

  • Long out of print
  • Now available in convenient MP3 format

Long out of print, these audio segments are now available in MP3 format.


Growing (12:23)

  • Eugene explains the nature and purpose of the audio series.
  • The question of growth.
  • As magicians, when are we growing in our art of magic?
  • Books.
  • Growing and Listening.
  • Growing and asking the right questions.
  • Growing and caring.

The Way of the Magician (16:03)

  • Tenkai: "Magic is not tricks; it is a way."
  • The easy way and the difficult way.
  • Are there unimportant moments in a performance or in life?
  • Focusing our attention.
  • The importance of detail.
  • Why is timing a problem for so many?

Managing People Close-Up (24:16)

  • The question most often asked at Eugene's seminars: How can we best deal with hecklers during performances?
  • The heckler as a problem in relationship.
  • The traditional approach and its problems.
  • The spectator's desire for anonymity or attention.
  • Interruptions, timing and preparation.
  • David Devant and kindness.
  • Willingness to bend.
  • Close-up magic as living in the moment.

Before the Show (16:13)

  • A discussion with Danny Orleans who asks Eugene to imagine he is on his way to a performance.
  • Are there any special thoughts and preparations that occupy his mind?
  • Nervousness and excitement.
  • Dropping effects from our repertoires even though they may produce strong reactions.

After the Show (8:34)

  • The discussion with Danny continues, but changes its focus.
  • Eugene's imaginary performance is finished and he is now returning home.
  • How does he elevate his show's failure or success?
  • The importance of evaluation.
  • Making changes in our show.

The Origin and Symbolism of Magic (10:55)

  • A discussion with Jack Gould, dean of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, on magic's origins in pre-history and the meaning of its symbolism for early men and women.
  • The economic-political theory of magic's beginnings.
  • Magic and religion.
  • The transformation of magical symbolism.
  • Can these ancient symbols speak to us?

The Future of Magic (11:18)

  • A discussion about the future direction of magic.
  • Does the future exist?
  • "The adventures of the props in the performer's hands."
  • Special effects and personality.
  • Who is the magician?
  • Is magic getting weirder?

Seeking a Magical Vision (26:50)

  • Based upon a talk Eugene gave at Mystery School in 1992.
  • If we finally see the futility of imitating other performers, how can we find our own personal magical vision?
  • Tools for seeking our vision.
  • "Waiting."
  • Partial Visions.
  • The place of dedication and sacrifice in our magical work.
  • Hobbies.
  • Trusting our vision or listening to others.
  • Right associations.
  • The power of magic words.
  • Negative inner "songs."
  • Emile Coué.
  • Songs of Power.

Imagination, Solitude and Creativity (16:32)

  • How can we become more creative with our magic?
  • Imagination and finding creative answer to our magical problems.
  • Who will answer the question?
  • The art of cultivating the imagination.
  • Will power, conscious effort and tension.
  • Creativity and relaxation.

The Flow of Water (12:47)
Drawing on the teachings of Lao Tzu's famous Tao Te Ching, whose spirit has been a guiding force in Eugene's philosophy of magic, this tape produced in the 1970s is a short meditation on water as a symbol of flowing with life rather than fighting, pushing and struggling against it. The recording featured original music by John Leo on the acoustic guitar.


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Customer Reviews

  • Changed the way I perform!!

    5 Stars

    This audio series changed the way i perform, the way i practice, and the way I think about magic. I know this seems hyperbolic but it is true. Will this series do that for you? That is entirely up to you, just like anything we purchase... it only works if you listen to it and apply the wisdom found within

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Essential Reading for All

    5 Stars

    Eugene's "Growing In the Art of Magic" is essential reading for all magicians. There is invaluable wisdom that will save you great pain and time by following it. Eugene was perhaps the most mature person I have every known. There are no shortcuts to becoming an excellent magical performer. Within these recordings you will find guidance on how to unmask some of the lies we tend to tell ourselves - non truths that hold us back. They will also teach you how to be the best version of yourself. It did for me. Enjoy!

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  • A lifetime of experience....

    5 Stars

    Very pleased to have found this again. Burger's thoughtful consideration of what it means to be a magician, how to grow in the art/craft and the philosophy of the magician's way should be required of all those who choose to follow this odd path we travel. It is also a good idea to listen to it every so often to be reminded of these things.

    Truly a bargain that is worth a lifetime of experience.

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo
  • Well worth the price!

    5 Stars

    Had received as a gift from my mentor long ago and I listened to it everyday for a year. Great stuff. I still listen to it every now and again as a reminder. Well worth the price.

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo