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Ritual of Liberation - Make Your Own


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could always be prepared to magically transform someone’s day, without resorting to props that only a magician would carry?

Imagine… a chance meeting with a corporate executive who’s interested in magic and is planning the company’s next big event. She asks you to “show me something.” You unwrap a mysterious, beaded bracelet that’s been wrapped around your wrist. With it you not only prove your magical prowess, but you leave her with an experience that will certainly brighten her day -- and just might have a long-lasting impact on her life and the livelihood of her business … a Ritual of Liberation.

The effect comes complete with instructions on how to make a set of the beads and two versions of Jeff McBride’s Ritual of Liberation. In addition, you’ll learn Brad Henderson’s Everlasting Pendulum Divination -– possibly the most important pendulum effect of the last thirty years. By combining multiple psychological techniques, Brad teaches you how to train the spectator to find their own selected card.

Once you own it, you’ll find that the prop can be used for many different effects. It can act as a pendulum, a penetration device, and even a self defense mechanism (though we don’t encourage this and make no guarantees). What’s more, you can feel comfortable allowing the spectator to handle the prop as much as she likes. There’s no gimmick for her to discover!

Ritual of Liberation is also a great conversation starter. You can permanently remove the phrase “want to see a trick?” from your vocabulary. Once they see you wearing one, they’ll be interested. Magicians will recognize it also … a symbol that you belong to a unique group of individuals who take their magic seriously.

What people are saying:

"The Ritual of Liberation is a single trick, but in demonstrating it, McBride teaches multiple lessons -- not only about magic and presentation, but also about good online business design."
-- ESP Bootcamp

"I had a cool experience when some execs from a major bottler were in our office (they bought 18,000 printers from our company!). I was negotiating with their Director of Procurement over getting some PR regarding their use of our equipment...not an easy task! Over dinner the night before, I had mentioned that magic was among my many hobbies. The procurement guy said that he would allow me to do a press release if I'd show the team some magic during our meeting the next day (I'm VP of Marketing for our company).

Well, I brought the Ritual of Liberation and prepared myself before the meeting by having our Director of Sales Administration wear it as a bracelet. The meeting had about 20 attendees and droned on for 3 long hours. As it was concluding, I excused myself to catch a flight out for a tradeshow. After shaking everyone's hand and saying my goodbyes, everyone on the customer's team said "no, no" and wouldn't let me out without doing some magic. I "resisted" saying I hadn't prepared anything, and then "reluctantly" said "ok, ok...does anyone have a watch I can borrow? No, those won't do...I need a leather band...oh I know...Stephanie, can I borrow your bracelet?" Well, you know the rest...I "killed"! Press release coming soon!!! Thank you, man!"
--Jeff Osborne

"I just watched the burning man video of you doing the string and bead with Nala. I got to tell you…it was a real joy to watch someone take their artistic gift and use it in a way to empower someone. I called Malinda in to watch it with me a second time. Her first words were, 'he might have actually changed that woman’s life.'

"I know some magicians get that to a lesser extent, but more on a performance level…doing part of the trick in the spectators hand for example. But to understand that you have the ability to entertain, empower and possibly even heal someone’s spirit…that’s to be admired and applauded."
-- Glenn Farrington

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This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Ritual of Liberation Performance & Explanation

  2. How to Tie


  1. Ritual of Liberation Instructions (287 KB)

  2. Ritual of Liberation Construction (21 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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    My favorite...

    4 Stars

    Absolutely magical!

    Very simple, which gives more room for presentation - My favorite type of effects!
    I would only suggest getting the full kit, especially if you don't have many craft stores in the area.

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