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Kundalini Rising



"Your Kundalini Rising is so beyond any trick. It's pure magic. It's what magic should be: effortless!"
-- Kubilay Tuncer, television personality and magician, Istanbul.

The deck is new, the seal unbroken. He bids me open the pack and shuffle the cards. Now cut. I keep half and surrender the remainder to him. From my cards I select one (the five of clubs), unknown to him. Press the card to your forehead, imprint it in your mind, he tells me. He then collects all the cards, mine included, and replaces them in the pack. He gives me the deck, then steps back, out of reach.

I hold the pack in my right hand at arm's length. He asks me to relax, and draw deep breaths while picturing my card. Relaxed now, at his request I hold the breaths briefly, then blow the air out through the deck in my hand. Once. Twice. Three times.

With the third breath, a card rises mysteriously - majestically - from the deck, as if pulled by unseen hands. It's the five of clubs.

It's magic.

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Customer Reviews

  • This effect is money!

    5 Stars

    The first time I performed this was in a crowded restaurant at noon. Everybody went wild over it and I got two bookings on the spot. This effect is money!

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