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Online Mentoring Package

  • Finally, you can study at the famous McBride Magic & Mystery School without leaving home!
  • • Save Money: No costly hotel or air travel!
  • • One on One Focus on Exactly What You Need.
  • Jeff will help you with your magic, performance, business and more and he will also review any videos of your magic, if you like.
  • • Learn real-world lessons from one of the most experienced magic teachers in the world!

Individual Online sessions are $250 for one hour or $175 for 30 minutes.

Private Online Mentoring sessions with Jeff McBride start at $100/session 

(Note: this offer is ONLY when you purchase the package of ten 30 minute sessions).

This very special program package gives you *ten* 30 minute Online sessions with Jeff McBride, on a schedule you two decide is best for you.  

This package saves you over $700 dollars.

A testimonial from Victor B., one of the Mentorship students:

How Does Online Mentoring Work?

The first thing to do is contact Abigail. You can do this by one of the three following methods:

i. Email:

ii. Phone: 702-450-0021

Talk to Abigail and she will help you to arrange a convenient time that works for you!

You can expect the following steps on the day of your first Magic Mentoring Session:

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Place with Internet or WiFi access

Step 2: Jeff will send you a link to a Zoom meeting

Step 3: Make a few notes of questions, topics or routines that Jeff can help you with.


During the Session

The Online Mentoring sessions happen like this:

  1. First, get to a quiet space where you can be free of ALL distractions for the session.
  2. The session starts with YOU contacting Jeff McBride at the appointed time.
  3. Jeff will be waiting on his end to receive you in the Zoom rooml.
  4. Check in and make sure the audio/video connection is stable.
  5. Enjoy your session. Ask lots of questions. Have fun!
  6. In your first session, you and Jeff will spend some time focusing on your short and long-term goals. 
  7. Once your first session concludes, you will have clarified your goals and will be ready to move towards them.
  8. Jeff will follow up with you if any materials mentioned in the session are necessary.
  9. Jeff may have suggestions or reading for you to work on in between sessions.


This program will help to take bold steps towards your goals in magic, regardless of your level of experience or skill.

If you have any inquiries, or are ready to take the plunge into the mentoring sessions, call Abigail at 702-450-0021 or email






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Customer Reviews

  • Goal-focused... Incredible... The best thing I've done for my magic....

    5 Stars

    I can't recommend this enough for a sincere student of magic at any level.

    It's widely known that Jeff McBride is one of magic's best teachers and performers (most knowledgeable, skillful, creative, resourceful, and furthermore) and he was voted by the 10K subscribers of MAGIC Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential magicians of all time and Magic's Olympic's (FISM) just awarded him one of its highest honors. You may know that already--but it must be said and not undervalued here. Think about who you can get to work with on your magic. It's an opportunity.

    But what really sets this Skype Mentoring package apart from traditional magic lessons or perhaps standard consulting is that it is goal-focused. If you want to learn certain tricks, that's fine, and I have and it's been very valuable. Jeff is a fantastic "wisdom filter" for the best effects and methods for you to achieve what you are looking to perform. However, I would not want to underestimate the importance of the mentoring part of this package. For example, Jeff has you write down your short term and long term goals. And then over the course of months the Skype Sessions take place, you both revisit your goals and see how they've been accomplished or changed. Jeff very gently helps you define your goals and dreams and then guides you to achieve them. I have personally have achieved most of my short-term and long-term goals in the year I've been working with him. That's rather incredible to me and means I need to dream even bigger and more specific goals. That's why I'm on my second package and have found it the best thing I've done for my magic in the past 10 years.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Exponential Growth... Superior Teaching Style....

    5 Stars

    I wish I could rate this over 5 stars.
    I have been working with Jeff on and off for the past 7 years, and I have seen exponential growth. However, since I have been in constant contact with him, he is able to push me month by month to realize and achieve my goals. I have literally seen my success as a performer and a business person skyrocket over the past two years. Jeff understands how people learn magic and have developed a superior teaching style unlike anything I have ever seen.....

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Vast experience... astonishing depth of knowledge...

    5 Stars

    Jeff has been my mentor and teacher for 17 years. I have found our Skype sessions to be invaluable. His vast experience in such a myriad of subjects and his astounding depth of knowledge and scholarship of the history of magic, the present state of magic and the future of magic make his counsel the highest level one can receive in magic today.

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    So Grateful!

    5 Stars

    It’s one thing to be a great performer, but something else to be an equally great teacher. It’s a rare combination, and that's what Jeff is.
    I absolutely loved my time during my Skype session with Jeff yesterday. This is an incredible way for me to accomplish my goals when not attending live classes in Las Vegas. I am so grateful Jeff is offering to do this.

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