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Art of Card Manipulation DVD, Volume 1


A step-by-step guide to creating real magic at your fingertips!

Never has the envelope of card manipulation been pushed further than in these instant classics from Jeff McBride. Secrets that were previously passed only from mentor to apprentice are now yours to dissect, analyze and ultimately master. The classic image of a magician is one of plucking cards, as if by magic, from thin air. This effect is only the beginning. There are more moves, sleights, flourishes and amazing techniques on these three videos than The King of Cards saw in his entire lifetime. Such a series could only be made possible by a master teacher and master manipulator. Jeff McBride is both. His powerful stage persona is unparalleled in magic and his ability as a card manipulator is rapidly becoming stuff of legend. Named Magician of the Year by LA's Magic Castle, Jeff McBride is Recognized as one of the most innovative magical performers of our Day. His singular blend of mask, movement, quick-change artistry, grand spectacle and illusion has won international acclaim. A popular TV guest star (Joran Belar on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), McBride has broken box office records worldwide with his dynamic Showmanship and peerless wizardry.


Thumb Fan and Closing a Fan
Pressure Fan
Charlier Cut
One Handed Fan - S Fan
Wink Change
Springing the Cards
Waterfall Shuffle
Cards from the Mouth
Riffle Palm
Blank Fan
Window Change
Ed Marlo Snap Change
Ken Brooke Single Production
Perfect Production
Snap Production
Back Palm Production
Le Paul Spread
Hip-Hip Pop-Out
Ribbon Spread and Turnover
Twin Peaks
D'Amico Multiple Shift
Roy Benson Move
Steve Beam's Auto-Magic Aces
Goldston's Card Flower


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