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Double Jumbo Card Fan Finale


"The Jumbo card fan gaff is fantastic, and perfect for my new production of The Tempest."

- Teller


You've just produced a flurry of incredible card fans. The audience is buzzing with excitement as they anticipate the finale of your manipulation routine. You drop a fan of cards into your hat and then step forward and immediately produce another fan in the opposite hand ... and then split this fan into two perfect fans, one in each hand.

But there's more....
You triumphantly fling the left-hand fan into your hat. You center yourself on the stage and while all attention is on the remaining fan of cards, it instantly transforms into a fan of giant cards! Your left hand then moves behind this fan and splits it into two jumbo fans, for a finale that will have the entire audience on their feet!

The set comes with both jumbo fan gimmicks. The instructions include basic one- and two-handed techniques, tips for stealing and producing the final loads, and other presentational goodies. The final transformation is nearly self-working and will most likely be the easiest part of your routine.

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