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The Magic of Jeff McBride DVD

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Jeff McBride's extraordinary magic, mask, myth, drama and illusion reflects his life-long Study of magic's multi-cultural roots. On these tapes, McBride, the world-renowned performer and master storyteller, teaches you the inside secrets of his professional working repertoire.

Now the best of the McBride lecture/performances has been captured by L & L. Section 1 shows McBride performing magic for an intimate audience...McBride revealing an aspect of himself and his magic that many of his fans may not have seen before, performing magical pieces with common objects which are within the range of any performer. In Section 2, McBride shares his insights and teaches you every nuance and subtlety of each of the pieces performed on the first tape. Not only the techniques, but how and why he came up with his presentations for each, and how you can do the same to make your magic truly personal, unique and powerful in your own way.

This revolutionary teaching format provides the buyer with a new way to share your magic tapes with your friends. You can show Section 1 to all your friends - magicians and non-magicians alike. Section 2 contains the secrets - for magicians only!

Section 1
(70 Minutes)
McBride in Concert, Up Close & Personal
Jeff's "Commando" Card Manipulation Act
McBride's Super Candle
Living Flower Production
"Silas and the Slickers" - Gambling Routine
Inflation - Balloon & Ball Manipulation
"Kundalini Rising"
Close-Up Water Fountain Production
The Tarot Reading
"The Greatest Illusion Ever Created...Money" - Torn & Restored Bill
Jeff's Grand Finale Card Manipulation Act

Michael Ammar Interviews Jeff McBride: Including--
How did Jeff get started in magic?
Who were Jeff's mentors?
How did Jeff put together his act?
What books influenced Jeff?

Section 2
(85 Minutes)
The Inner Workings of McBride's Magic
McBride's Super Candle
Bob Read's Bottle Production
Traveling Flame
Living Flower Production
One-Handed Match Lighting
A Match-Lighting Gag
"Silas and the Slickers" by Elmer Applegit
Ammar/McBride Interview #1
Inflation - Preparation & Performance
Balls from the Mouth
Egg from Balloon
Billiard Ball from Balloon
Ammar/McBride Interview #2
"Kundalini Rising" - The Work
Creeping Card Effect - Pierre Kuntzmann
Ammar/McBride Interview #3
The Water Fountain
The Tarot Reading - Secrets
Ammar/McBride Interview #5
Torn & Restored Bill - Method
Ammar/McBride Interview #6

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