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The Vortex

From Jeff McBride and The Wizard, Gary Stadler, comes the most innovative dancing cane of the 21st century. Dazzle your audiences with cutting-edge technology! It's as much a special effect as it is great magic . The whirling rainbows produced by this cane are not only beautiful, but they also help hide the method. No more worrying about flashing...

EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES... Get yours while they last!

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Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic!

    5 Stars

    Fantastic- well built- Sadly line was damaged and I am in need of a new one- the visuals on this are hypnotizing- truely impossible to ignore- mine was from some 15 years ago- and was incredibly well made- thank you for a wonderful treasure- and a fantastic experience at the magic and mystery master class. I’ve carried your wisdom to many facets of my life. Thank you. Magically yours- raven

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