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World Class Manipulation DVD, Volume 1


Millions of people worldwide recognize Jeff McBride from his many television appearances on The World's Greatest Magic, Champions of Magic and Star Trek DS-9. His unique blend of showmanship and magic has been seen at many of the world's largest theaters, including Radio City Music Hall and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Now McBride shares with the magic world, for the first time, many never before disclosed techniques of the master manipulators. Jeff leads you step by step through this fascinating world of "digital" effects, and gives you the tools you need to become your best. The audience appeal of manipulative magic is universal. It transcends all language barriers. It is pure magic.


Intention & Dedication
The Coin Roll
Types of Coins to Use
Coin Productions
The Downs Palm
Multi-Downs Palm
The Thumb Clip
Front Clip
Masters & Mentors
Coins to Pocket
Jumbo Coin Production
McBride's Jumbo Coin Change
Rehearsing on Video
The Miser's Dream Routine
Pails & Loading Techniques
Coin Penetration
Pantomime Toss
Basic Sleights
Advanced Sleights
The Shake-Up
Streamlining & Simplicity
Finger & Thimble Magic
Types of Thimbles to Use
Basic Vanish & Reproduction
Thumb Palm
Downs Palm
Retention Vanish
Basic Acquitment
Basic Thimble Production
Finger Switch Technique
Confidence & Practice
Pinky-Dinky-Doo Vanish
Over-the-Top Vanish
Thumb Vanish
Costume, Props, & Backdrops
In The Mouth!
The Pop--2 Versions
Repeat to Pocket
Jumbo Finale
Simple Flash Four Production
Infinite Thimble Routine
Silk Vanish
Thimbalistic (Bobby Baxter)
Billiard Ball Performance
Types of Balls to Use
Basic Ball Techniques
Ball Roll
The French Drop
Vanish & Reproduction
Top-of-the-Fist Vanish
"V" Finger Vanish
Bottom-of-the-Fist Vanish
Flat-Palm Vanish
Toss Vanish
DeBiere Toss Vanish
Retention Vanish
Back-of-Hand Roll
Balls from Silk
Balls from Hand
Color Changes
Toss-Up Change
Drop-Down Change
Rollover Change
Slap-Down Change
Elevator Flourish
A Billiard Ball Routine
Shell Handling Techniques
Multiplying Sponge Balls
Card to Ball
Candle to Ball
Ball to Silk
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