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Spinner's Magic Bubbles - Deluxe Version

This Deluxe version comes with a beautiful silver and crystal necklace, ten crystal balls and a full bubble refill tube.

Opening the magic bubble charm hanging around your neck, you explain, "This is my magic wishing bottle. Would you like to make a wish? It can be a private wish; you don't have to tell me what you're wishing for. Are you ready? Concentrate on your wish and watch carefully...."

You begin blow bubbles. As they descend, you catch a number of bubbles on your palm. You ask them which one they think is theirs, and it seems to turn into a small crystal ball, which they can keep.

"Magic reminds us that our wishes and dreams can come true. I hope your wish comes true."

After being in the air for five seconds, Spinner's Magic Bubbles can be caught in the hands of everyone present! They're magic!

What people are saying


I bought the deluxe version: a bit steep at $80 but it looks handmade and rather intricate.

Effect: simple: blow some bubbles, catch one, hand it out, it turns solid. "So what?", you might ask. But it goes over REALLY well with the kiddies.

What's to like:
I perform at Renaissance Faires as a dignified Dumbledore/Gandalf character interacting with adults. I am not a children's performer. So it has always been a problem when parents ask me to do some magic for their 3-year-old son or 6-year-old daughter. There is a lot of comedy magic for that age which I can't use because it unfortunately is not consistent with my character. But this effect has met this need for me.

I tried it for 2 days at the Auburn Faire in California last weekend. I wore the wand around my neck: it looks mysterious. It resembles some people's stereotypes of a ritual wand used by practitioners of Magick or in a fantasy movie, even though it is small. It has a quartz crystal on the end, which is a nice touch. Sometimes kids, and occasionally teenagers or mothers, would point to it and ask what it was, some even said "I love your wand!". Perfect cue to show the effect!

The script is an important part of the effect. It is about making wishes, kids and adults all understand it and like it. It makes the effect ABOUT something, rather than an end in itself. The script makes it a real ritual. It lasts about 60 seconds.

I did it for one little boy who was still in diapers, and even he understood it. Later I did it for pre-pubescent girls (about 9 years old) and they loved it too. At one stage I had 5 different kids in front of me jostling each other to have me perform it for them.

At the end of the weekend one of the organizers of the Faire approached me and said: "You are unique among the performers here: you understand what we are doing. This Faire is abotu giving people memories that they can take home with them. And that is exactly what YOU are doing: you are giving them memories. Thank you!" I don't know whether he was referring to this particular effect. But I could tell when that little boy in diapers looked me in the eye with such wonder on his face, and then his eyes opened up so wide they nearly popped out of his head when he picked up the solid bubble, and then the big warm smile on his face: I am sure that he will remember those few seconds for a long time.

What's not to like:
You have to refill it after about 5 performances.

Kim Silverman, Ph.D.
President, Society of American Magicians (Assembly #94, Palo Alto, CA)
Magician Member, Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA)
Winner, Oakland Magic Circle Close-up Magic Competition (July 2007)
Inner Circle, Magic Garage Magicians


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