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Online Mentoring Package

  • Finally, you can study at the famous McBride Magic & Mystery School without leaving home!
  • Save Money: No costly hotel or air travel!
  • One on One Focus on Exactly What You Need.
  • Jeff will help you with your magic, performance, business and more (including reviews of your own videos).
  • Learn real-world lessons from one of the most experienced magic teachers in the world!
  • This specially priced offering is ONLY available when you purchase the package of ten 30 minute sessions.
  • If you would like to try out one on one sessions with Jeff, a single hour of instruction is available for $300.


“Jeff McBride is the greatest magic teacher in the world.”   

--David Copperfield


Fifty years of on-stage experience as a performing magician and thirty years of providing life coaching and personal training in the art of magic have given Jeff McBride the worldwide reputation as one of the greatest magic teachers of our time. 


For full time pros: Jeff has coached and consulted some of the greatest names in magic, including David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Hans Klok and many others.


For serious students or magic enthusiasts: Jeff mentors and coaches magicians just like you. He will help you meet your goals, break out of your comfort zone, and deepen your understanding and appreciation of our magical art. 


We all need people to help and encourage us as we grow in the art of magic.  Jeff knows, firsthand, the transformational power of working with a magic coach. For over thirty years, Jeff McBride was mentored by Eugene Burger. Now, you have a rare opportunity to work with Jeff as your mentor and coach.  



Jeff can help you transform the magic you already know and perform polished presentations. He will show you how to take your tricks, and put them into a solid show order. Jeff can also help you save thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary magic purchases, and will give you the very best resources.



Jeff’s deep knowledge of the history and techniques of magic will motivate you to upgrade your skills, deepen your practice and give you the gentle push you need to realize your goals.



In each session, Jeff will offer you new ideas, and new ways of thinking about challenging situations and how to overcome them. Each class is designed specifically for you. This is one-on-one training at its best.



Each class, Jeff will review your ideas, videos and questions.  He will help you to refine your scripts and master your techniques. He will give you inside information about the best sources, prop-makers, books and other exclusive training materials to give you the professional edge you need to get to the next level. 


Listen to what a few of Jeff’s students have to say:


Shaved years off my learning curve, and saved me thousands of dollars.

 “Jeff’s experience and wisdom put me years ahead on my learning and performing trajectory.  He saved me from many years of making mistakes. Jeff personally taught me “how to learn magic,” and gave me good practice and goal-setting habits.  His guidance  with purchasing training materials and books has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. This Mentoring experience is so worth it, I’m signing up for another round of private classes!  The best investment I’ve ever made.”

            —Jonathan M.


Exponential Growth. Superior Teaching Style.

“I wish I could rate this over 5 stars. I have been working with Jeff on and off for the past 7 years, and I have seen exponential growth. However, since I have been in constant contact with him, he is able to push me month by month to realize and achieve my goals. I have literally seen my success as a performer and a business-person skyrocket over the past two years. Jeff understands how people learn magic and has developed a superior teaching style unlike anything I have ever seen.”

            - Jeff C.


Vast experience. Astonishing depth of knowledge.

“Jeff has been my mentor and teacher for 17 years. I have found our Skype sessions to be invaluable. His vast experience in such a myriad of subjects and his astounding depth of knowledge and scholarship of the history of magic, the present state of magic and the future of magic make his counsel the highest level one can receive in magic today.”

            —Derek S.


So Grateful!

“It’s one thing to be a great performer, but something else to be an equally great teacher. It’s a rare combination, and that's what Jeff is. I absolutely loved my time during my session with Jeff yesterday. This is an incredible way for me to accomplish my goals when not attending live classes in Las Vegas. I am so grateful Jeff is offering to do this.”

             —Eric H.


Each year, Jeff accepts only a few students into the Mentorship Training program.  This is your invitation to take the next steps along the path of mastery.


Please contact or call 702-450-0021 for more details.

Individual Online sessions with Jeff McBride are $250 for 30 minutes, or $300 for one hour.

You can save over $1,000 when you sign up for the Private Online Mentorship Training sessions with Jeff McBride. 

This very special program package gives you *ten* 30 minute online sessions with Jeff, on a schedule you two decide is best for you, for $1,250.  Payment plan options are available.


How Does Online Mentoring Work?

The first thing to do is contact Abigail. You can do this by one of the following methods:

i. Email:

ii. Phone: 702-450-0021

Talk to Abigail and she will help you to arrange a convenient time that works for you!

On the day of your first Magic Mentoring Session:

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Place with Internet or WiFi access

Step 2: Jeff will send you a link to a Zoom meeting

Step 3: Make notes of questions, topics or routines that Jeff can help you with.

This program will help you to take bold steps towards your goals in magic, regardless of your level of experience or skill.

If you have any inquiries, or are ready to take the plunge into the Mentorship Training program, call Abigail at 702-450-0021 or email






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Customer Reviews

  • Inspiring and Enlightening!

    5 Stars

    Working with Jeff has been an inspiring and enlightening experience.

    As a more "Social Magician" performing mostly for Friends, Family and social clubs/organizations I am a member of I was a little (ok, very) intimidated to begin working with Jeff.

    My fears were unfounded as Jeff was able to meet me where I was and share his wealth of knowledge with me in a way that I was able to use immediatly while also being extremely supportive and dedicated to my development as a magician/performer.

    Jeff freely shares his knowledge and makes it enjoyable and fun along the way.

    I'm very glad I enrolled in Jeff's Mentoring Program and highly recommend it.

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  • Best thing I have done!

    5 Stars

    It is the best thing I have done in magic. Jeff is very knowledgable, and his teaching is exciting.
    I am keeping going with the lessons to hit my goal!
    Kind regards,
    Jayson Staples

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  • As Good As It Gets!!

    5 Stars

    A decisive leap for my growth! A decisive evolution for my future.

    Working with Jeff's guidance is simply as good as it gets! He literally transformed the way I see, create and realize magic. Jeff has the strength of the method (your objectives are his reference), of unattainable competence and creativity. All this is at your disposal, with priceless generosity!
    With Jeff we worked on my manipulation act (and we are still continuing)... Since we have been working together, however, I can no longer call it a "manipulation act": it has become a real magical story in 8 minutes. Jeff helped me find MY character, to give meaning to every single moment of the act, taking it to a level that would have been unthinkable if I had tried to do it alone.
    But since concrete results count in projects like these, I'll share just one: in July 2024 for a week I will perform at the Magic Castle in LA, with this act! July 2023 is the month I will turn eighteen!

    But talking with Jeff is also an opportunity to wander and receive stimuli of all kinds: cultural, artistic, ethical, social. Jeff opens the doors to his world, to his experience, and puts it entirely at your disposal. Grow as an artist and grow as a human being!
    Thanks Jeff!

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  • An incredible experience!!

    5 Stars

    Studying in Jeff’s mentorship program has been an incredible experience! Jeff is one of the best magicians in the world and an extraordinary teacher with a deep passion for sharing his vast knowledge and insight with his students.

    YOUR goals are Jeff’s priority. You will be amazed at what he can accomplish in just one session. From class to class you will notice significant growth and progress in your magic. Jeff helped me improve my overall skill set, performance, show building and scripting. He educated me about the creative process and prepared me for my Magic Castle audition. Jeff not only teaches magic he gives you the confidence needed to perform what you learn.

    I was a beginner a couple of years ago when I started with Jeff and I’m now performing and experiencing magic at a level I never could have imagined. I highly recommend Jeff’s mentorship program to anyone who wants to take their magic to the next level and beyond!

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  • Performance, Process, Knowledge, and Creativity

    5 Stars

    Simply put, mere words cannot properly explain the value that a mentorship with Jeff McBride imparts. One might think that a lifelong performing magician such as myself would not need Jeff’s input, insight, encouragement, and instruction.


    I’ve continued to grow and expand in my performance, process, knowledge, and creativity to levels I did not realize existed. Jeff’s point of view and vast experience is a magical fortune whether we are working on trick/routine specifics or brainstorming potential new effects or directions.

    I will continue to be a student of Jeff’s as long as we are both willing and able because my journey of improvement with magic is never ending. Isn’t that part of what makes magic so great?

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  • Exceeds my expectations every time…

    5 Stars

    Jeff McBride. I honestly could end my review with those two words. The myth is big. The Man is larger than life. How one person could amass so much knowledge and so many skills & talents is dumbfounding in itself, but then add his passion for sharing all of it... wow. I suspect my goals are modest compared to his other students, yet his focus and excitement to help me reach and exceed those goals take my breath away. He exceeds my expectations every time we meet (and mind you, the bar of my expectations was already pretty high), and I come away renewed and energized, my brain buzzing with new ideas & concepts. Make your magic better - train with the Master!

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