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Master Class and Masterpiece Residency, --You cannot imagine how beneficial this decision has been for me!

Chaz Acadabra

Initially, upon contacting Jeff, I had thought of signing up for the three day residency course to learn and start my apprenticeship with the “rainmaker” effect that Jeff teaches. However, after a convincing email from Jeff, I decided to take him up on his offer to enrol in the seven day Master Class held just the week prior the residency class. You cannot imagine how beneficial this decision has been for me. I have learned so much in those seven days, that, would I have taken the residency course without the Master Class first, it would have been equivalent to buying my own aircraft and not learning to fly first! The Master Class allowed me to meet fellow magicians, some more skilled, others with less experience. We all shared the same love of magic, however, we also all showed no signs of what it takes to put on a “Vegas” style caliber show. During this Master Class, we also had the opportunity of meeting famous and local magicians, performing on the Vegas strip. (to mention a few i.e Mac King, Mat Franco, Dirk Losander). One thing became crystal clear to me during the Mat Franco performance. What we had just learned from Jeff and his team the previous days, namely the Seven Stages of Show Flow, was so evident upon seeing Mat’s show, that I asked Jeff the following question “ Did Mat ever come to one of your courses?” To which Jeff replied “Yes!” Wow! I saw the entire teachings coming to life. This has been an unforgettable experience for me!


As for the Magic & Mystery School staff……I cannot talk enough goodness about it. You are so closely knit together as a team, each with his/her strength and skill level that is truly unique. The evening I arrived, I had so many questions about my role and persona, the type of magic that would suit me, the business aspect of magic, the showmanship, my potential stage name etc etc. My head was spinning excitedly but totally out of control. I realized I was not the only one with the same questions trotting through my mind! As the days went on, all this became clearer and clearer. You listened to all our needs and Jeff and his team formulated a plan to tackle each and every concern we had ( the entire class participants, that is)  and…..when I thought I had achieved the maximum knowledge I could absorb, it was time for my one on one with Jeff to learn the secrets of the water bowls. Well, not only did Jeff diligently teach me everything I needed to know about this, he then continued on to fulfilling one of my longer term goals set in the Master Class!!! We spent the majority of a full day defining my role and persona, establishing a full fledged twenty to twenty five minute magic show, along with the selection of adequate effects, script, music and timing: all this within the realm of the teachings learned the previous week. I now have (other than rehearsing, practice, practice…practice!) a complete workable show, with very strong effects, capable of attracting and retaining any crowd. For this, and more to come next year (yes, I will be a repeat student) I thank Jeff, Abi, Eugene, Larry, Tobias, Bryce, and last but not least, our Magic Photographer Sheryl for their extraordinary performance. See you all next year.


Magically yours,

Chaz Acadabra aka Stutz