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7-Day Master Class

$1,500.00 ($500.00 minimum deposit)
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Magic Master Class is the premiere magic educational experience in the world. It involves personalized instruction at the McBride House of Mystery in a small-group setting. It is designed so that each attendee takes their magic and their magic business to the next level.

In response to popular demand, the Magic & Mystery School is now offering seven-day Master Classes. This means there will be more time with Jeff and Eugene, as well as special teaching units from world-leading teachers of magic. The seven-day class also includes a ticket for a major Las Vegas magic show, such as Mac King, and relaxed time for questions with the star. There will also be two events to which you may bring a guest or family member.

If you are looking for detailed, personal instruction in an intimate and safe setting, consider attending a McBride Master Class, the premiere learning experience in magic.

The McBride Master Class is limited to a small group of students. Although there is no pressure to perform, many students choose to present their act (or a magical piece they are working on) for expert direction from Jeff, Eugene, and the other faculty, who are all committed to helping you attain new levels of excellence with your magic. Beyond this performance session, Master Class includes teaching units on topics of central importance to your magic and magic career and many opportunities for personal instruction. This is the only event in the world of magic that focuses on you and your needs as a magician.

For those students who choose not to perform, the Master Class process will still be deeply educational; they will learn from witnessing the learning of others. And they will equally enjoy the teaching units and times for personal instruction.

In reply to popular demand, the McBride Magic & Mystery School is now offering 7-Day Master Classes—learning experiences that last for a full seven days. This creates more time with Jeff and Eugene, and it allows the faculty to extend and intensify all the educational aspects of the Class. It also helps forge a deeper community among the participants. Indeed, you will make friendships at Master Class that promise to last for years. The seven-day class also includes a ticket for a major Las Vegas show, such as Mac King, and relaxed time for questions with the star.

Students’ spouses, parents, or other guests are invited to the Opening Night Party and Show at Jeff McBride's House of Mystery. Family members and guests may also choose to purchase tickets and attend the Las Vegas show we will attend as a group. When Master Class is in session, family members and guests will have no shortage finding exciting things to do in Las Vegas; even so we will distribute a document that includes a number of surprising and, in some cases, inexpensive options.