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Deep Study of a Modern Master: JUAN TAMARIZ, ONLINE

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Dr. Larry Hass, Dean of the Magic & Mystery School


When:  Three Thursdays, July 9, July 16, and July 23, 5:00-7:00pm PACIFIC.  

(NOTE:  registrants will be able to watch the class sessions later ON DEMAND.)

In this real-time, interactive Zoom course, Larry Hass will lead you in a DEEP STUDY of Master Juan Tamariz's great trilogy of magic:  Five Points in MagicThe Magic Way, and The Magic Rainbow. In the books you will learn some of the Juan's great magic, but the focus of this class is on your understanding the core elements of his deeply influential thinking and approach to magic.

Having Juan's books is NOT a pre-requisite to attend, although two of them are available for purchase at a discount here.

See why Teller has said, "Larry Hass is an inspirational teacher and a joyful man to know."

By every measure, Juan Tamariz is a Master of Magic.  He is a prolific creator/performer of breathtaking, deep-fooling card magic.  He is also one of magic’s great philosophers, having published three theoretical books of enormous importance:  Five Points in Magic (trans. 1988), The Magic Way (trans. 1988), and The Magic Rainbow (trans. 2019).

In Larry’s 3-part course, offered with Juan’s enthusiastic support, the class will engage in a deep study of those three books—one each week. In the books you will learn some of the Master's great magic, which we will discuss, but our primary focus will be on your understanding the main concepts at the heart of Master Juan’s approach to embodied performing (Book 1), routine construction (Book 2), and his celebration of magic as an art form of the highest order—the one that turns human dreams, desires, and myths into reality (Book 3).

Larry Hass with Juan TamarizLarry’s journey with Juan began nearly 30 years ago:  the first two books of Juan's trilogy were foundational in Larry’s learning how to become a magician.  In 2004, he had the great honor of hosting Juan as a featured performer at that year’s Theory and Art of Magic Program, and their friendship began in earnest.  Over the years, Larry taught Five Points in Magic in every one of his college-level magic classes and The Magic Way in several workshops for magicians.  With the long-awaited English language release of The Magic Rainbow last year, the time is right for this six-hour college-level class dedicated to Juan’s philosophy of magic as a whole—perhaps the very first of its kind.

Please note: Juan's magical philosophy is both so rich and practical that magicians of every skill level will benefit from this detailed study. 

Since Juan’s books are sometimes difficult to locate, it is not necessary for you to read the books to attend this class.  Larry’s goal is to provide a general sense of Juan's main concepts and practices even for someone who hasn’t read the books.  At the same time, those participants who read the books before each class will be rewarded by watching them come alive through Larry’s interpretation of their most important elements.

At the present moment, The Magic Way and The Magic Rainbow are in print, and to help facilitate you getting copies for our class Larry is offering them for sale at 15% off the retail price at his Theory and Art of Magic Press website: (Please note:  supplies are limited, so don’t wait to order!)

Larry is thrilled to offer this online course through the Magic & Mystery School.  Sign up now and get ready to “ride the Magic Rainbow”!