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Medicine and Magic Seminar--Live in Las Vegas

$1,000.00 ($600.00 minimum deposit)

By popular demand, we are once again offering our acclaimed Medicine and Magic Seminar that explores the significant relationship between medicine as a healing art and magic as a performing art. The seminar is specially designed for physicians and other health care providers, including nurses, therapists, and alternative medicine practitioners.

The Medicine and Magic Seminar is taught by three faculty members of McBride's Magic & Mystery School: Jeff McBride (Founder), Larry Hass, Ph.D. (Dean & Philosopher), and Ricardo Rosenkranz, M. D. (Founder of the revolutionary, award-winning Magic and Medicine teaching program at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine).

The 2024 Medicine and Magic Seminar will explore many areas of theoretical interest, such as the history of the relationship between magic and medicine, the importance of ritual, and the important role of magical art in human life. However, the primary focus of the educational experience is on practice—on how the powerful skills of performance magicians can enhance the interactions between providers and patients, and thus yield better outcomes in healing relationships.

It is not necessary to be a performer to attend this learning experience. On the contrary, most attendees will have little or no magic performing experience. Even so, if they wish attendees will be able to learn some magic appropriate for their skill level during the Seminar, and they will have an opportunity to share a story or a performance if they would like to do so.



DAY ONE: September 23, 2024

6:00-9:00 p.m.: Registration, Welcome, and Getting Started with Teaching Session 1

DAY TWO: September 24, 2024

9:00—9:30:  Library Exploration and Open Magic Session

9:30—10:30:  Opening Circle and Teaching

10:30—12:00:  Teaching Session 2

12:00—1:30:  Lunch Break

1:30—2:45:  Presentation: “Show and Tell” (Share Your Magic or Stories)                    

2:45—3:45:  Experiential Learning                                         

3:45—4:00:  Break

4:00—5:00:  Teaching Session 3

5:00:  Class ends

5:00—7:00:  Dinner Break:  Enjoy a meal with your new friends!

7:00—???:  A free evening in Las Vegas!  You can attend a show (please make arrangements on your own).



9:00—9:30:  Library Exploration and Open Magic Session

9:30—10:30:  Vision Council and Teaching

10:30—12:00:  Teaching Session 4                      

12:00—1:30:  Lunch (on your own—the House of Mystery closes)

1:30—3:00:  Teaching Session 5

3:00—3:30:  Photographs and Snack Break

3:30—4:15:  Closing Circle

4:15:  Class adjourns, Safe Travels, See You Next Time!