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The 2021 Las Vegas Seance Summit—Live Online

$145.00 ($75.00 minimum deposit)

Raising Your Spirits in a Time of Darkness

Dates:  September 17-19, 2021    Price: $145 until September 1. After that $195.00

They said it couldn’t be done—an online séance. But after last’s year's success, we decided to do it again!

Dedicated to the Memory and Spirit Theater of Eugene Burger

Some of the top minds in the world of spirit theater, séance, and Bizarre Magick will gather online to form a circle and share their stories as we journey together into the world of shadows and candle-lit mysteries...

And when the candles are extinguished, these spirits will emerge enlightened, armed with messages of hope and courage for these challenging times.


Join us for this 3-day online adventure from darkness to light, as we explore the history and mystery of the performing arts of seance and bizarre magic with some of world’s leading mystery teachers and entertainers.  

The teaching team:  Jeff McBride, Dr. Larry Hass, and Paul Draper

With Special Guests: Daniel Gastelum, Careena Fenton-Cullen, Kevin Lepine, Joe Cabral, Vince Wilson, and David Parr, with other guests to be named! 

  • On September 17th-19th, 2021, the Magic & Mystery School will once again hold an Online Séance Summit. Dedicated to the performance arts of séance, Bizarre Magick, and storytelling, this course will:
  • Celebrate the Spirit Theater of Eugene Burger
  • Explore the rich possibilities of “raising spirits” in dark times
  • Focus on tricks, techniques, manifestations, & special effects for creating this kind of magic, light and dark.

The course will feature top teachers and performers in these areas.


September 17-19, 2021

Schedule (all times Pacific Standard Time) 

(subject to change)

Friday, Sept. 17

11:30 a.m. (PST):  The Parlor Is Open

12:00-1:30 p.m. (PACIFIC):  The Grand Council of the Magi:  Opening Party

Opening Keynote

Eugene Burger Tribute Show

Meet the Guest Teachers

Spirit Circles

1:30 p.m.:  Final Words:  All Spirits Depart


Saturday, Sept 18th

10:30 a.m. (PST): The House of Mystery Doors Open 

11:00:  Casting the Magic Circle of Protection:  Opening Performance

11:15:  Keynote 1:  Dr. Larry Hass

12:00:  Break

12:15:  What Do You Do in the LIGHT?  Focus on Tricks, Techniques, Manifestations, & Special FX

1:00:  Spirit Circles

1:30:  Break

1:45:  Keynote 2:  Jeff McBride

2:15:  Spirit Raps, Part 1:  Short Talks from Special Guests

3:00:  Final Words


Sunday, Sept 19th

10:30 a.m. (PST): The House of Mystery Doors Open 

11:00:  Summoning the Spirits:  Opening Performance

11:15:  Keynote 3:  Paul Draper

12:00:  Break

12:15:  What Do You Do in the DARK?  Focus on Tricks, Techniques, Manifestations, & Special FX

1:00:  Spirit Circles

1:30:  Break

1:45:  Spirit Raps, Part 2:  Short Talks from Special Guests

2:30:  Emerging from Darkness:  Renewing Our Light for the World.  Closing the Magic Circle.

3:00:  Afterglow:  Listening to Voices