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Jeff McBride Poster


Jeff McBride's new full color poster -- signed personally to you!

In the tradition of past masters of Magic, we are pleased to offer the latest official Jeff McBride Poster. These posters will be signed to YOU with Jeff McBride's special "McBride-mask signature." Whether you choose to hang this beautiful full color poster in your living room, magic studio or office, it will enhance your space and imbue it with all the power and mystery that is Jeff McBride. A work like this comes from the collaboration of many artists: the main photo is by Clay McBride, Jeff's brother, who is one of NYC's hottest photographers ( Designed by Duncan Eagleson to Jeff's own specifications, with a final layout by Erin Doleshall, the poster measures 16" x 20". With only 1,000 printed, this is sure to become a hot collector's item. Buy yours now to assure you receive your copy before they're gone!

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