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McBride Manipulation Coin


The perfect size for stand-up or stage manipulation.

Lightweight with a precision deep-milled edge and rich golden finish.

Each coin is 1.75" in diameter and 1/16" thick.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • Keeping the fingers working...

    5 Stars

    There is magic in wishes- but focus and practice give you more - thank you Jeff for your amazing spirit- giving nature- intoxicating enthusiasm for all that is light and magic. I really enjoy these coins for when I want to focus on keeping the fingers working- and remembering the things I’ve learned from your classes and emails.
    I recommend following whatever social media you can from this school- if it calls to you- there is much to learn. A visit to the master himself will give you a whole different way of looking at magic- and what it means to you- and the people who you want to touch with your art.
    Magically yours- raven

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