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Spinner's Magic Bubbles

Opening the magic bubble charm hanging around your neck, you explain, "This is my magic wishing bottle. Would you like to make a wish? It can be a private wish; you don't have to tell me what you're wishing for. Are you ready? Concentrate on your wish and watch carefully...."

You begin blow bubbles. As they descend, you catch a number of bubbles on your palm. You ask them which one they think is theirs, and it seems to turn into a small crystal ball, which they can keep.

"Magic reminds us that our wishes and dreams can come true. I hope your wish comes true."

Comes with three crystal balls, instructions and a bubble necklace with plenty of fluid. After being in the air for five seconds, Spinner's Magic Bubbles can be caught in the hands of everyone present! They're magic!

Color of necklace and fluid container varies.

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Customer Reviews

  • A fantastic piece of magic!

    5 Stars

    This routine has been in my show since 2006 when i first purchased it. It is a fantastic piece of magic for both family audiences and corporate shows. in recent years it has become something I carry around in my pocket as well every single day. This is audience interaction at its best, and really builds a connection as well as leaving the spectator with something magical.

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  • Magical!

    4 Stars

    Spinner's Magic Bubbles is like a magic genie in that it can fill a room, or even the sky, all from a tiny magic bottle. The bubbles themselves are magical. Children of all ages delight in bubbles. These bubbles are especially magical in that they do not pop if caught gently on the hand or an object. I often simply uses them as bubbles....super bubbles...for so much fun with crowds that I may never get to the ultimate effect: transforming an air-borne bubble into a keepsake "bubble" of how wishes can come true. The routine is startling and stunned me in a very wondrous way when I was the lucky volunteer. Caution in choosing when and with whom to perform it is important, however. While blowing the bubbles amidst a crowd of delighted children is nearly always good, performing the wish portion of the effect is better reserved for a single person or at least a single person in an ordered performance. Granting one child's wish when surrounded will only lead to each child stepping forward to have you repeat the effect....with diminishing fun for all if repeated. So use the bubbles with abandon....reserve the wish for a special and powerful moment!

    This is very small, very portable and something I carry to every show because it makes magic at any event. I have often felt I could leave every other piece of magic in my bag of tricks and simply blow these special bubbles for an hour and the host and guests would be just as happy.

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