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Enter the Center


Welcome to the family of fire. It is time... and you are ready. Prepare to Enter the Center. Right here, right now, this moment is holy, and it will never come again. At the firecircles, we sing, drum, dance and celebrate together, all through the night, until well after the sun rises. The tribe is now assembling. The torches have been lit. THe procession is about to begin. Around and within us, the masked ones are stirring. The characters are coming out to play, and our souls are coming out to grow. We will be consumed by the flames. We will witness the colors in a peacock's tail. We will be transformed. We will hear the breezes wispering at dawn. We will turn from lead into purest gold, and we will connect with the Divine -- through the music, the magic, and the melody.
We are the family forged in flame; each a phoenix reborn. Love connects us all. Enter the Center.

Tracks Include:

  1. Sacred Way
  2. Enter the Center
  3. Let the Way Be Open
  4. Ancient Goddess
  5. O Dark Mother
  6. Roots and Wings
  7. Right Here, Right Now
  8. Held in the Heart
  9. O Ma Ma Ma
  10. Udu
  11. Arms of the Mother
  12. Singing in the Circle
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