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Fire of Creation

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Fire of Creation is Abbi's latest release. As many of you know, Abbi's music is a techno-tribal revival of drumming, chanting, lush synth beds and trance grooves. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Songs you can look forward to hearing on this album include:

  1. Prepare Yourself
  2. Fire of Creation
  3. Behold, There is Magic
  4. I am the Fire
  5. Die & Be Re-Born
  6. Surrounded By Light
  7. Awaken
  8. Waters of Bliss
  9. Nikki's Lullaby

...and more mysteries from the center of the circle....

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Customer Reviews

  • Magical & Memorable!

    5 Stars

    I got to experience “die and be reborn again”
    In person in Las Vegas. It was so very magical and memorable-
    Love your music and magic.

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Only 2 left!